The Solidatus and Collibra Partnership

Seamless data analytics to help people everywhere solve
business and societal problems

How do we work together

Solidatus offers Collibra users accelerated adoption which, in turn, simplifies tagging, rating, and annotation of business content. Solidatus can automatically import and reflect the current approved governance models, dictionaries and
glossaries from Collibra, giving your organization peace of mind and assurance that your data meets regulatory compliance.

Why is this important

Users are able to simply visualizand share for greater transparency, communication, and control for business, IT, and audit purposes. This not only frees up time and money but provides better clarity around business decisions   

About Collibra

Collibra is a data intelligence company. Their software accelerates trusted business outcomes by connecting the right data, insights, algorithms and people.Collibra Software is an enterprise-oriented data governance platform for data management and stewardship. It empowers businesses to find meaning in their data and improves business decisions. With one shared platform, business users and IT can collaborate to form a data-driven culture using the Collibra product suite. 

Become a partner

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Solidatus unlocks the true business value behind data. A lineage-first approach enables organizations to connect and visualize data relationships across the enterprise, simplifying how they identify, access and understand them. With a reimagined, sustainable data foundation in place, organizations can mine actionable intelligence and solve complex problems to deliver transformational business results.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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