Data Privacy

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Solidatus solves the critical data and regulatory challenges faced by organisations globally by delivering transparency and trust in their data. Its ground-breaking lineage-first approach plays a vital role in data privacy by mapping the flow of data within an organisation, allowing full transparency on how it is used.  

Leverage compliance spend To transform your organisation’s data capabilities

The EU’s GDPR compelled organisations to take the privacy rights of their customers seriously and now has counterparts all over the world such as the CCPA, LGPD and PDPACompanies invest large sums of money to prove they are in compliance, and organisations with multi-jurisdictional exposure need to meet a profusion of regulations simultaneously. Those that lack complete understanding of their data landscape are forced to re-spend regulatory budgets. 

With Solidatus, compliance expenditure isn’t narrowly constrained and can, instead, be transformative – an opportunity to elevate and transform an organisation’s data capabilities.

Automated data Sharing

Global Investment Bank utilises Solidatus to digitise complex policies and map to multiple
organisational processes

Solidatus helps organisations simplify their adherence to privacy laws by empowering clients to map the flow of relevant data through their organisation, visualising the mapping against their people, processes and regulatory needs. This demonstrates the impact of data privacy regulations in context and allows for insights that are only possible when all the information is available.

Data privacy is a global issue 

Data Privacy

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Unlock the true value of data privacy
Data Privacy
With Solidatus, mapping multi-jurisdictional privacy legislation becomes instantaneous

"In a changing world, It pays to be prepared"

“As data privacy legislation continues to grow, it is imperative that holistic solutions are put in place to protect sensitive data and the businesses that hold it” – Solidatus Co-Founder Philip Dutton delves deeper into the issues businesses globally are currently facing when it comes to data privacy and security.

Why Solidatus?

Leverage regulatory spending

Use obligatory regulatory budgets to achieve compliance and a 360° view across your organisation: transform data capabilities and improve data management to increase revenue streams and capture positive returns on initial privacy investments.

Streamline privacy operations

Solidatus is the only product that can be used to cover all global data protection regulations. It is agile and scalable and can show common regulations, indicating the delta where there are differing regulations for each region/country.

Protect your reputation

Mitigate significant reputational risks associated with a data breach and avoid regulatory fines and sanctions by tracking personal data, its use, and how it interacts with your organisation’s systems and processes.

Proactive approach to compliance

Significantly reduce compliance costs by taking a proactive approach to all personal data regulations. Organisations can clearly document and audit their data landscape, providing privacy impact assessments instantly.

Data privacy news & Views

How do you turn a regulatory burden into an operational advantage?
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Through its collaborative and crowdsourcing model, Solidatus allows for quick and effective enterprise-wide identification of where personal information is held and how it is being used in business and IT processes.


Data flow can be clearly mapped out to visualise each contact point, and ownership can then be assigned. With this knowledge, organisations can confidently and quickly fulfil a ‘Right to Erasure’ request.

Eliminate PIA RISK

Demonstrate to a regulator how and when Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) were conducted and prove how information is accessed, collected, stored, used and deleted.


Solidatus is quick to install and implement with proven efficiency savings of up to 90%. It accelerates complex compliance processes 60% faster, saving costs and bringing significant returns on investment.
Data Privacy
Find out exactly where customer data is held

Unlock the true value of data privacy

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Award-winning Solidatus is empowering enterprises globally to accelerate their understanding and optimisation of their data and organisational processes. The Solidatus methodology for digitally transforming organisations to be data-centric and lineage-enabled is changing how businesses discover, document, map and manage their data.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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