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EDM Council, the cross-industry trade association for data management, has partnered with Solidatus, the leading data lineage and business relationship modeling solution, to provide EDM Council members with a DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) Knowledge Modeling tool.

The models enable data professionals and their organisations to more effectively manage their data supply chain and conform with regulatory, data privacy and other business process requirements. Consequently, this enables companies to deliver their data management capability roadmap while accelerating value delivery from their data assets.

About DCAM

The industry-standard best practice data assessment framework for developing and sustaining data management programmes.

Digitisation of DCAM

Visualise complex business and data relationships to inform decisions and break free from the limitations of rows and columns.

DCAM & regulations

Show the relationship between DCAM and GDPR, BCBS 239 and other regulations and business process models.

DCAM Visualisation

The provided DCAM relationship modeling and resulting visualisation capabilities accelerates understanding and decision making.

Organisational modeling

With customised modeling, an organisation can align the standard DCAM models to internal data management processes and tools.

DCAM version control

Control and visualise data management capability alignment to policy, process and data over time to assess impact of organisational and external change.

Solidatus for EDM Council members

Solidatus Lite is exclusively available to EDM Council members, who can access a read-only version of the Solidatus DCAM models and platform.

EDM Council members have exclusive access to constantly updated and maintained digital models created by the EDM Council in Solidatus. These models include:

BCBS 239 Knowledge Model – Launched in May 2020, the EDM Council published the DCAM BCBS 239 Knowledge Model. It provides an analysis of the alignment of the DCAM Data Management Capabilities to the requirements for data management necessary to comply with the BCBS 239 Principles.

CPG 235 Knowledge Model – In progress. This model will provide analysis of the alignment of DCAM data management capabilities to the APRA CPG 235 principles.

GDPR Knowledge Model – Launched in April 2020, the EDM Council published the DCAM GDPR Knowledge Model. A full GDPR requirements analysis with data and Data Management Impacts, requirements, and DCAM Framework alignment.

Global Privacy Knowledge Model – The GDPR Knowledge Model is being extended and enhanced to incorporate several global privacy regulations, including the India Data Protection Bill, PDPA, CCPA and LGPD.

As a member of the EDM Council, Solidatus Pro is now available to members at an exclusive discount rate. Solidatus Pro allows organisations to author their own models and measure the impact of regulation and how it will affect their organisation.

Solidatus Pro enables data professionals to:

  • Efficiently migrate their organisational assessment data from DCAM v1.3 to v2.1
  • Directly model regulatory obligations such as BCBS 239, CCAR, MiFID II, SMCR, PCI DSS, Reg E, GLBA, BEAR, MAR, PRA 110, MAS 610, APRA CPG 235, CCPA, LGPD, GDPR, etc, onto their organisations’ systems, providing evidenced data lineage
  • Implement metadata management, data governance, data lineage and data quality to increase organisational data capabilities

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Comply with BcBs 239 Principles

The advanced modeling capabilities of Solidatus allows organisations to understand how to align the DCAM Data Management Capabilities to the requirements for data management necessary to comply with the BCBS 239 Principles.

Providing organisational gap analysis against each of the nine BCBS 239 principles that have requirements for Data Management.

Access DCAM models

GLOBAL PRIVACY: The Role of Data Management

Solidatus allow organisations to create  understanding of the regulation and the role of the Data Management function to support compliance.

  • Identify requirements for data and the Data Management function.
  • Align the requirements to the EDM Council DCAM® Framework – providing a compliance roadmap specific to the Data Management function of an organization.
Access DCAM models

impact assess DCAM v1 to v2 migration

Solidatus allows organisations to understand how DCAM version 2.1 has evolved from the previous version 1.3 and to gain enhanced version-to-version traceability.

Notably, the latest DCAM 2.1 framework streamlines the components from eight to seven and introduces new concepts such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and the ethical use of data.

Access DCAM models

Simple to use

The intuitive and simple web interface is easy to use and requires little or no training.


Immediately start modelling and easily identify where additional discovery is required.


Solidatus is a browser based application and it can be up and running in the cloud in minutes.


Accelerate discovery by sharing parts of the models to identified system experts to fill in the detail.

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Solidatus has been engineered to provide organisations with the perfect tool to visualise their data landscape.

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Award-winning Solidatus is empowering enterprises globally to accelerate their understanding and optimisation of their data and organisational processes. The Solidatus methodology for digitally transforming organisations to be data-centric and lineage-enabled is changing how businesses discover, document, map and manage their data.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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