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A complex public organisation is made of many parts, with many people and many jobs.

It is hard to disrupt what you cannot get your arms around. There is always a certain amount of resistance to change, enabling people to work more efficiently and effectively is key.

Public organisations must seek to industrialise and scale their ability to apply data, analytics and machine learning to generate innovative and impactful insights across its functions.

The goal is transparency; the ability to have a quantified set of knowledge upon which to base decisions. Solidatus is engineered to help organisations understand how data flows through their systems, making the software ideally positioned to support Government organisations.

Data Sharing in Public Bodies

The creation and retention of data has increased exponentially over recent years. The demand for and delivery of more digital channels has only accelerated this growth. At the same time there is huge concern for privacy and maintaining trust, and for Government organisations this is fundamental.

Data can take many forms – physical bits of information, descriptions of procedures, terminology, even physical assets or pieces of logic describing cause and effect. It is part of a supply chain that includes, by definition, the individuals who use it, and the purposes for which it is used.


Take ownership and responsibility for your data obligations.


As defined by the ICO:

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires you to put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to implement the data protection principles and safeguard individual rights. This is ‘data protection by design and by default’.
  • In essence, this means you have to integrate or ‘bake in’ data protection into your processing activities and business practices, from the design stage right through the lifecycle.
  • This concept is not new. Previously known as ‘privacy by design’, it has always been part of data protection law. The key change with the GDPR is that it is now a legal requirement.
  • Data protection by design is about considering data protection and privacy issues upfront in everything you do. It can help you ensure that you comply with the GDPR’s fundamental principles and requirements, and forms part of the focus on accountability.


Solidatus makes it possible for an enterprise-type organisation to have a centrally coordinated, distributed and universally available single source of knowledge, eliminating confusion over terminology and reducing development time and overheads. Reducing risk; cutting ultimate cost; paving the way for growth.

  • Capability to digitise complex policies and map to multiple other organisational processes
  • Immediate outcome reports and traceability
  • Ability to assess the impact of future change by mapping its impact to our organisational processes
  • No content is being ‘overwritten’ – this allows full auditability and transparency and can provide a ‘real-time’ snapshot of the organisational policies at play historically
  • The interface is very user friendly, and adaptable
  • Integrate with other applications within an organisation and provides a reporting and multiple outputs mechanism

MULTI award-winning data lineaGE SOLUTION

Simple to use

The intuitive and simple web interface is easy to use and requires little or no training.

Easy access

Solidatus is a browser based application and it can be up and running in the cloud in minutes.

Rapidly build lineage

Import and export data between Solidatus and from other systems using the data connectors.



Immediately start modelling and easily identify where additional discovery is required.

Accelerate discovery

Accelerate discovery by sharing parts of the models to identified system experts to fill in the detail.

Create & share views

Easily share with management and colleagues for immediate feedback and approval.

Let’s talk

An intuitive, simple to use web-based application that gives businesses the ability to rapidly map and visualise their data landscape.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.
Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council

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