Global enterprises with critical business processes that include mainframe systems have long struggled to understand and map their regulatory data flows. Trying to understand the myriad of legacy technologies such as FORTRAN, COBOL, JCL, IMS, PL/I, Palm Cards and how they affect the processing and reporting of data within the organization has till now been an extremely difficult, time-consuming and costly endeavor. Solidatus was specifically designed to visualize the vast volume of metadata and lineage scanned from mainframes, allowing organizations to comply with the regulator’s requirement for attribute-level data lineage.

Scanning, Documenting, Validating & Visualizing mainframe lineage

Solidatus’ legacy software scanning capabilities allow organizations to scan the most exhaustive list (50+) of mainframe languages and automatically generate a visual metadata model complete with field level lineage, processing logic and business glossary in a fraction of the time and cost it would normally take. This process can be a one off or automated to occur as required. Example of supported languages: Adabas, ADS/OL, C++, CICS, CSD, CICS Tables, COBOL, Delta, DL/I, Easytrieve, Focus, Fortran, Ideal, IDMS, IMS, JCL, Link Decks, Load Modules, Mantis, Model 204, Natural, PL/1, SQL, Syncsort, Telon, etc.

In addition to mainframe scanning, Solidatus has a rich suite of connectors and a powerful API that enables organizations to fully automate metadata and data lineage documentation from various sources, including data governance tools, data dictionaries, databases, big data platforms, cloud platforms, ETL tools, reporting software, BI tools, spreadsheets, programing languages and bespoke systems. All changes are versioned, audited and can be augmented with manually maintained metadata and lineage.

Demonstrable Data Lineage

Solidatus mainframe scanning automatically identifies documents and allows validation of legacy code by creating a data catalog and demonstrating visualized data lineage, tracking data use throughout the complex processes locked away within a mainframe.

METADATA Enrichment

Solidatus, through its unique metadata functionality, provides an organization with the ability to enrich their mainframe data, allowing for increased understanding to help drive business intelligence, turning an organizational cost into an organizational investment.

Sharing & Validating

Solidatus visually enables an organization to quickly and easily share and validate their mainframe data lineage in an interactive and dynamic format, allowing greater understanding and transparency to senior management.

Data quality RESOLUTION

Solidatus allows organizations to visualize their entire data landscape within one model or drill down to a single data flow. This transparency allows an organization to quickly identify and resolve data quality issues and demonstrate that they fully understand their process and illustrate regulatory  compliance.

Solidatus is used by some of the world’s largest financial institutions

See Solidatus in Action

Award-winning Solidatus is empowering enterprises globally to accelerate their understanding and optimization of their data and organizational processes. The Solidatus methodology for digitally transforming organizations to be data-centric and lineage-enabled is changing how businesses discover, document, map and manage their data.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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