How do you demonstrate lineage both internally and to the regulators?

Kickstart your regulatory lineage projects with Solidatus.

Visualising regulatory lineage

Solidatus provides a flexible end-to-end proof of data lineage to satisfy the growing number of regulations requiring full visibility, including BCBS-239 and CCAR.

Solidatus is being actively used to show compliance for data management, data governance and alignment between risk, finance and the business


  • The 14 principles outlined in BCBS 239 require senior management of a bank to better monitor and manage risks.
  • They must improve the speed and quality of risk information.
  • GSIBs must provide high-quality risk data for strategic business and must now have initiated the 2017 Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR).
  • If they can’t prove compliance they will be forced to change by the Regulator.

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