Moving to and within the cloud

Download this whitepaper for essential advice and guidance on moving to the cloud and succeeding once you’re there. Plus, we discuss regulatory considerations, how to get started, and include a handy pre-migration checklist.
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Few businesses haven’t started the process of cloud migration. But that’s the thing: it’s a process, not an event, and a highly complex, risky and time-consuming one at that.

Moving data or systems to the cloud is not a one-off decision but something requiring continual monitoring to ensure that yesterday’s decision is still right for the business today.

To tackle this in a way that preserves your sanity, you need to understand the entirety of your data estate and how it maps to your business functions. This is where lineage and blueprints, the subjects of this whitepaper, play such a crucial role.

Download the whitepaper for:

  • An overview of lineage
  • Guidance on how to use blueprints for scenario planning, impact analysis and more
  • Notes on regulatory considerations
  • A handy pre-migration checklist

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