Discover infinite possibilities in your data solar system

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Last week, NASA blew the world away with the first images from its James Webb Space Telescope. Promising to far exceed the wonder and quality of its predecessor, Hubble, the JWST has delivered a ground-breaking new view of our universe. These images have told the story of “the hidden universe through every phase of cosmic history” in a way that has never been seen by the naked eye of man.

A “singular and historic moment”, the JWST has and will continue to explore the depths of our solar system, as well as what lies beyond it and “the most distant observable galaxies in the early universe.”
Scientists believe that the data derived from this will answer questions mankind has asked for millennia, as well as questions we do not yet know that need to be asked. It will help us better understand neighbouring planets, the universe and our own place within it. The possibilities this opens up are, for us, utterly endless. The voyage of discovery that lies ahead will undoubtedly be as immense as space itself, and the value it will bring us as humans – for ourselves and our planet – will change the face of our lives and this world for generations to come.

Parallel data universes

And this got us thinking something a bit crazy – how different is the data of our universe, planets, exoplanets, galaxies and solar systems from the data of a business? Okay, we know this is a bit ambitious, but take a step back for a moment. Forgetting sheer size and scientific importance, there are many parallels to be drawn. The data that builds the fabric of an organisation is vast, rich and seemingly endless. The different facets and ecosystems of that data can be seemingly unfathomable to many trying to grapple with its complexities. Is understanding what exists beyond us in the deep, infinite spans of space really all that different to understanding one’s own data?

Businesses have a mammoth task ahead of them when it comes to data management. At its most complex, data can be messy, confusing and even misleading. But at its best, data can be a powerful force driving organisations forward – not only through compliance, but also innovation. Getting to this point in a data journey is no easy feat, though. It requires data quality, sound data governance and efficient data lineage to fully understand what data there is, how it is moving through an organisation, who it is available to and how it is reported on.

Achieving this requires more than just good will and a few strategically drawn up Excel spreadsheets. For this, you need the James Webb Space Telescope of data management. You need a tool that is going to not just show you your data in clear, HD view, but also show your metadata, how it is all moving, who is responsible and, most importantly, the value it can deliver to your business. Something that will reveal the data and findings you were looking for in a matter of minutes, rather than days, weeks or months.

Professor Gillian Wright, the British researcher who is co-principal investigator on one of Webb’s four infrared instruments said, “Whenever you look at the sky in a new way, you see things that you didn’t expect.”

Discovery is knowledge, and knowledge is power

When looking at your data through the lens of a Solidatus model, you can see it in a new way; in a way you might not have expected. It will answer questions you have been asking for years. It will give you solutions for the problems you knew you had, and those you didn’t. It will answer questions you hadn’t even thought to ask yet. It will take you on a journey through a solar system of data that orbits your organisation, uncovering hidden gems that can change the way you do business. It will tell your story, from inception to current day, showing you the way forward through innovation and creativity.

As the Director of UK Astronomy Technology Centre told BBC News about the James Webb Space Telescope, “…that’s telling you that the discoveries are just sitting out there waiting to be made.”

There are infinite discoveries to be made in an organisation’s data – whether you know it or not. There are new lessons to learn, new ways of working to uncover and boundless benefits not only for your own business, but for your clients too.

Knowing your organisation’s history and story through its data can change the way it operates forever. And there is no better way of knowing this than through Solidatus.

Discover your data solar system and the possibilities that lie beyond with Solidatus. Request a free demo today.