Solidatus is intuitively designed to help an organisation to rapidly build a complete front to back data flow through collaborative knowledge sharing within one centrally managed solution and map out the entire data landscape.

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Solidatus’ simple, intuitive and flexible web-based application allows organisations to rapidly discover, visualise and understand how data flows through their systems.

Anti Money Laundering

Traceability across legislation, policy, data structure and process is a key enabler of anti-money laundering capability.


Firms need to ensure that they have sound processes for review, challenge, and aggregation of estimates used in their capital planning processes. How will you defend the soundness of your estimate aggregations?

Identity and Access Management

The combination of regulatory diversity, the changing technology landscape and the explosion of data exploitation has created a situation whereby access management has become less controlled than is desired.

Hybrid Cloud

As companies take the technological leap forward to use Cloud technologies, they need to consider the cloud-data governance issue at a detailed level.

Mainframe Lineage

Solidatus can automatically discover and visualise lineage across critical business processes that include mainframe systems.


IFRS 17 is the biggest change to insurance accounting compliance this century. It requires a substantial transformation in business process and data flows to meet the new accounting standards.


Solidatus provides a demonstrable compliance with cloud storage regulations, the right to Access and Correction, in addition to both DNC and NRIC legislation by understanding the flow and location of data.

MAS 610/1003

These updates will see reporting obligations grow from 4,000 data points to more than 300,000 across 260 pages in 67 reports. Solidatus offers the potential to turn this regulatory requirement into an operational asset.

Data sharing in Government bodies

There is a very real hurdle to overcome if the police are to be able to compete with those who do not need to follow the regulations.

Data Protection by Design and default

Data lakes are leading organisations into conflict with different regulatory regimes and jurisdictions, where not all data can be moved or considered in the same way.



Solidatus allows the rapid capture, storage and visual representation of data lineage, together with its supporting metadata.


Solidatus’ highly tuned user interface speeds up the manual analysis and documentation often required on data lineage projects, especially for future-state planning and what-if analysis.


The Solidatus API allows metadata and lineage to be read and updated programmatically, without a user having to interact with the web-based interface.

Graph Visualisation

Graphs visualisations enable organisations to discover valuable business insight through alternative abstractions on highly complex and extensive data lineage.


Solidatus speeds up lineage discovery by automatically detecting likely attribute mappings between systems and allowing users to rapidly confirm or reject the connectivity suggestions.


Google Cloud Integration

The Solidatus Google Cloud Platform (GCP) integration suite helps to discover data structures and lineage
in GCP.

Ingestion Methodology

The rich suite of connectors and the Solidatus API enable organisations to fully automate data lineage documentation from various sources, including data governance tools, spreadsheets, data dictionaries, databases and ETL tools.

Simple to use

The intuitive and simple web interface is easy to use and requires little or no training.


Immediately start modelling and easily identify where additional discovery is required.


Solidatus is a browser based application and it can be up and running in the cloud in minutes.


Accelerate discovery by sharing parts of the models to identified system experts to fill in the detail.

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Solidatus has been engineered to provide organisations with the perfect tool to visualise their data landscape.

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An intuitive, simple to use web-based application that gives businesses the ability to rapidly map and visualise their data landscape.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.
Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council

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