Solidatus Partners

Ortecha is unique: an independent consultancy dedicated to helping financial services companies manage their data. Ortecha offer proven expertise in design and implementation of innovative enterprise data management services and solutions, adapted for your needs.

Ortecha partner with Solidatus to provide consulting services and accelerated delivery using Solidatus as a key component of your data landscape.

Solidatus Partner Programme

The Solidatus Partner Programme enables you to offer our unique data lineage discovery and visualisation platform, accelerate your service delivery, drive real value to your customers and win more business.

Whether you would like to introduce customers to Solidatus for a referral fee or own the sales process yourself, we have a partner model that fits your business.

Solidatus is Forming partnerships

We are actively looking for partners supporting regulatory lineage, GDPR, cloud acceleration, system transformation and data lineage.

What Solidatus can do for you?

Solidatus gives you the opportunity to profitably grow your business and differentiate your offering:

  • Accelerating the analysis phase of your programs.
  • Easily build your models by importing existing data.
  • Rapidly build a global picture of your data landscape.
  • Share your visual map to validate your findings.
  • Increase your business revenue through software license sales and implementation services.

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We are looking to build a strong partner program and are actively looking for:

  • Referral Partners
  • Reseller Partners
  • Technology Innovation Partners
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