Futuristic data stream


Solidatus collaborates with top-tier organizations to deliver a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated experience that goes beyond traditional data management solutions.

Leverage our partner network to: 

  • Drive ROI and save costs 
  • Enhance data visualization  
  • Perform advanced analysis 
  • Fast-track cloud migration 
  • Boost governance and compliance 

Our partners, including consulting, technology, and strategic alliances, often overlap, forming a dynamic technology ecosystem with endless scalability and applications. 

Consulting partners

Our consultancy partners work with us to deliver leading data management, governance, and intelligence solutions. This streamlines data processes and generates substantial business value for their customers.

The power of three

Solidatus strategically collaborates with top technology firms and consultancies, providing unmatched value to our customers. The "power of three" integrates cutting-edge capabilities spanning several technologies with consultancy expertise in process optimization, change management, and training. This synergy results in bespoke solutions for our customers with rapid ROI.

solidatus and the power of three

Technology partners

Technology and Innovation partners help Solidatus to accelerate the development of new features to expand into new markets and help support our partners goals.

Strategic alliances

As more and more use cases for Solidatus are being found and developed, we have actively engaged strategic partners to offer new market solutions.

Join forces with us

Discover new business opportunities with Solidatus. Together, we will help clients unlock the value of their data and drive transformative results.