Solidatus chosen as Microsoft Purview’s data lineage integration partner

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Microsoft names Solidatus as key technology partner in their reimagined data governance experience with Microsoft Purview.

March 27, 2024: This week, Microsoft named Solidatus as its preferred data lineage integration partner as it unveiled a reimagined data governance experience in Microsoft Purview, launching in preview on April 8, 2024. This new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform provides intuitive business-friendly interaction, seamless integration across data sources, AI-driven efficiency, and actionable insights, empowering their users to enhance their data governance processes.

Microsoft will extend the value of Microsoft Purview for customers through pre-built integrations with a select group of technologies. Solidatus, the world’s leading data lineage solution used by some of the largest, most complex organizations, is proud to be chosen as their technology partner. Data lineage forms the foundation of modern data governance. Without it, complexity results in silos, information mismatches, and limited visibility into data movement across the organization. This dynamic partnership will empower Microsoft Purview’s global customer base to harness Solidatus’ best-in-class data lineage and its unrivalled capabilities in fine grain lineage, visualization and version control, boosting their data governance efforts and fostering stronger, more resilient businesses.

This announcement comes at a pivotal moment with the rise of generative AI, presenting new opportunities for individuals, businesses, and industries alike. Yet, accompanying these opportunities are significant challenges: escalating cyber threats, increasing regulations, expanding data estates, and the demand for actionable data insights.

"Whether applying AI, driving digital transformation, or ensuring regulatory compliance, our best-in-class data lineage enables users to build a living twin of their enterprise metadata, laying the foundation for informed decision-making. Purview customers will gain a unified and actionable view of their governance workflows, empowering them to tackle their most pressing data challenges.”

Philip Dutton, Solidatus CEO

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