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Data governance and regulatory compliance

Data is your business’ most critical asset, but it carries with it significant risks. Data that is not secure, accurate, documented, managed, and audited leaves you vulnerable – at risk of costly regulatory fines.

Using Solidatus, you create living blueprints that map how your data flows as it moves through your systems – both now and at other points in time. We connect your data to the processes that create it, to the policies that guide it, and to the obligations that regulate it. With this framework in place, you can maintain transparency across your business, meet ever-evolving regulatory requirements, and accelerate change programs. 


Stay transparent and take the stress out of regulatory compliance

Create multi-dimensional views of your data’s lineage that include the context in which it existed at a given point in time. This gives you digitized, immutable evidence of compliance with legal requirements, reducing manual effort and resource costs.
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Automate heavily manual and costly processes

Automate the capture of metadata and lineage to understand the relationships between processes, data, transformations, controls and reports. Carry out rapid discovery and impact assessments for new and evolving regulatory obligations and receive alerts to the impacts of regulatory changes and their subsequent effects on your enterprise’s data flow, preventing disruption to business processes.
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Bring all the components of your data fabric into one unified view

Break down silos and monitor your entire data governance program with Solidatus, connecting existing catalog information such as asset inventories, data dictionaries, process, risks, controls, and drive alignment to standardized enterprise taxonomies. With the power of Solidatus and our simple, intuitive user interface, you can investigate your blueprint and answer critical business questions.
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Trust your data and make better decisions

Enrich your data lineage with business knowledge allowing the faster identification of relevant data; timely impact and root-cause analysis; greater transparency; and a deeper understanding of how data is used across your organization. By taking a proactive approach to compliance – clearly documenting and auditing your data landscape – regulatory assessments become instant, and costs are significantly reduced.

Build a connected work environment

Collaborate across teams, at any time, from anywhere. Federate access rights and ownership to individuals or groups to any parts of your blueprints. All changes made in Solidatus are versioned for audit management and historical comparison.

Model the impact of change in a risk-free and shared environment

Coordinate, control and plan change throughout your organization regardless of the type of system, the data in use, where it is or who owns it. Provide future views of potential outcomes to your data infrastructure to key personnel and gather any approvals before the change is ready to be made.

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