GDPR dossier: Sample model & related resources

An interactive Solidatus model and dossier of material to help you reassess your ways of working in the complex area of GDPR and data privacy
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GDRPR data protection by design and default

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ushered in a new era for the protection of personal data from organizations misusing it. It forced organizations take pause and assess their management of personal data, its use, access, location and purpose.

The strategic solution is to ‘digitize’ the data sharing agreement contractual frameworks with the ability to produce process outputs to users and connecting applications ensuring the participation of the relevant stakeholders in real-time.

To ensure a robust, relevant and up to date data protection framework, the usage of appropriate tooling is required. This also acts to facilitate future scalability.

Solidatus for data protection

In order to digitize and lift meaningful information from contracts, Solidatus offers the ability to provide a platform where not only inputs can be uploaded, eg terms and conditions, but also where meaningful relationships can be mapped which can be codified into the metadata and query language.

This allows your organization to streamline contractual, legal and regulatory compliance requirements, and reduce the documentation that needs to be completed and executed for each project.

Solidatus modeling is proven to garner powerful outputs for global organizations. Users can immediately understand which countries are participating in data sharing agreements, under what conditions, which processes, what data categories they are being impacted by and which external regulations are driving the impact.

Get instant access to the sample model and dossier of material, which includes:

  • a whitepaper on data protection by design and default
  • a case study on cross-border data sharing for a global bank
  • a GDPR factsheet and a selection of relevant blog posts.

Our read-only model is designed to give you a flavor of how you can use Solidatus for clever data management, visualization and discovery. 

Solidatus Model

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