Deloitte: Solidatus makes Fast 50 again

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We’ve only gone and done it again.

This time last year, we announced that our rapid revenue growth – 932% during the 2017 to 2021 period of fiscal years – had, for the first time, earnt us a place in Deloitte’s Fast 50 list of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies.

But we didn’t let this go to our heads and, thanks to our hard work, continued growth and the support of our customers and partners, we’ve been rewarded with a place this year as well.

All too often, start-ups and scale-ups fall by the wayside. So how have we kept our focus? And what does this achievement mean for the growing userbase of our innovative data management solution, one that empowers organizations to connect and visualize their data relationships, simplifying how they identify, access and understand them?

Let’s consider some of the most significant developments at Solidatus Towers of the past 12 months.

Team America

Well, the first thing to note is that we now occupy more than one tower. While we’re proud of our British origins, we opened a new North American headquarters in Houston earlier this year, where our Co-founder and CEO, Philip Dutton, is now based. This is in addition to our regional offices in Singapore and India.

North America is becoming an increasingly important territory for Solidatus, and this on-the-ground attention is helping our new customers better understand their data.

North America is becoming an increasingly important territory for Solidatus, and this on-the-ground attention is helping our new customers better understand their data.

“Their success is our success. That’s why we do what we do,” said Philip. “Companies choose to work with Solidatus for a number of reasons. At one end of the spectrum, it’s about risk reduction. We help them avoid astronomical fines by hugely speeding up and simplifying their data governance processes, meaning they demonstrate compliance with the regulations. They can also achieve huge operational efficiencies. At the other end, it’s about creating opportunities, transforming businesses to be agile, to better serve their customers. But what underpins it all is smart software that breaks down company data silos, creating a visualization never before possible: the single pane of glass, the master blueprint of all the connections that matter within an organization.”

Emphasizing this point, one new customer, BNY Mellon, sent its Chief Data Officer, Eric Hirschhorn, to join Philip in presenting a two-hander at a prestigious data and analytics summit in New York in August.

“Data is key to everything we do at BNY Mellon,” said Eric in the lead-up to the event. “Ensuring we have proper data governance is essential to how we operate. Solidatus is helping us extend and integrate the metadata repositories we use to maintain our market leading data complex.”

Awards and attractions

This accolade can be chalked up against many other awards from the last year, with highlights including Best Data Governance Solution and Best Graph Database Solution for Data Management at last December’s A-Team DataManagement Awards, and Best Data Governance Framework Solution for ESG at the A-Team’s ESG Insight Awards last month.

But what about the solution itself? Well, the platform continues to evolve, its recent developments including:

  • An enhanced framework for our connectors, which allow users to automate the loading of metadata from disparate source systems, Snowflake being a prime example;
  • Our new global search, which means users within an organization can search metadata across all models they’ve been given access to; and
  • A new and improved dashboard, making it even easier to take in a bird’s eye view of your data and connected systems.

Tune in this time next year to see if we’re still on this path. We feel hopeful that, with continued focus and innovation, we will be, and we’ll also have a range of new features to showcase.

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Read more about Deloitte’s UK Fast 50. And, if you’d like to see how Solidatus can help your organization manage its data, feel free to request a demo.