The world's best data lineage just got better.

Our mission: Make everyone a data expert. ​

Why? Business challenges are data challenges. And knowing your data’s purpose, journey, and quality reveals new paths to transformation. This is how Solidatus’ best-in-class data lineage enables organizations to save millions in costs while enhancing efficiency and resilience.

No matter your team, be it operations, analytics or compliance, through Solidatus’ new interface, you can explore and exploit your enterprise metadata unlocking insights and opportunities previously hidden by complexity.

Meet the world's first lineage enabled catalog

Now, with our all-new user-friendly interface, your entire business can tap into our unrivalled capabilities in fine grain lineage, visualization, version control, and data blueprint design.

connected catalog new

Business intel in real-time

Access, analyze and action metadata by combining live dataflows with business intelligence.

solidatus data maps

Democratize data access​

Bridge the IT-Business divide with easy-to-digest, business friendly interactive maps of technical data flows.

Boost operational resilience​

Streamline governance by navigating from definitions, dictionaries or catalogs to golden source lineage in seconds.

Cultivate super-connectivity

Navigate systems, pinpoint data elements, analyze properties and relationships, and identify transformation pathways.   

Explore how our new interface can transform your organization.

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