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Guarantee AI project success

When building AI/ML models, you need to trust your data. Uncertainty around the origin and quality of data can derail projects, make finding the right datasets challenging, and breach privacy laws. Solidatus solves this by capturing end-to-end data lineage at every level of an enterprise, encompassing transformations, ownership and crucial business context. This supports several critical aspects of AI/ML development and gives you heightened control, lightning-fast analysis of data origins and uses, and ensures project success.

Accelerate development

Accelerate AI/ML pipeline development by providing fullvisibility into data provenance, including transformations and key calculations, to rapidly uncover relationships.
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Verify data quality

Visualize data flow in AI/ML pipelines and ensure modelsare trained on accurate, complete data without bias orerrors.
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Conduct impact analysis

Monitor data changes and visualize impacts on models to rapidly assess effects on performance. Adapt models as necessary.
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Meet regulations

Trace sensitive data flows and document the origin andtransformations of data flowing into datasets to verify AI/MLprocesses align with data governance policies.
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Empower collaboration

Establish a single source of truth to foster effective collaboration among diverse teams and facilitate seamless knowledge transfer.

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