About us

We’re on a mission to provide the world’s best data lineage solution for the largest and most demanding companies. We bring clarity with unrivalled visibility into the complete data landscape and data flows at the most detailed level so companies know precisely what data they have, where it came from, where it flows, and what’s missing – enabling trust in your data.

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Our Story


During a combined 35 years of consulting, Solidatus Co-Founders, Philip Dutton and Philip Miller, noticed a consistent pattern of data management problems.  Projects taking far longer than they should, mind-bending complexity, low confidence in data… sound familiar?

Knowing that there had to be a better way, the idea for Solidatus came about, and it was first and foremost designed as a practitioner’s tool to help accelerate the projects our Co-Founders were tasked with on a daily basis. 

Engineered and launched in February 2017, it very quickly became clear that the tool would have a far greater impact than first envisioned.

We are the world's best Data Lineage Solution

Alu Baker

Alun Baker


Alun Baker is the Executive Chairman at Solidatus, with over 30 years of experience in the technology and software industry. He has led transformative growth at companies like Oracle, Tibco Software, Datasynapse, Viewpoint, Merrill Corp and Clario Tech, specializing in enterprise software and digital transformation.

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Philip Dutton

Co-Founder & CEO

Philip is Co-Founder and CEO of Solidatus. Philip is a Senior System Architect and Project Manager with over 20 years’ experience within Financial Services. He’s a thought leader in the Fintech/Regtech sectors and passionate about revolutionizing the data economy.

Daniel Waddington Solidatus Square

Daniel Waddington

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel has been the principal programmer for Solidatus since the company’s inception. Today, Daniel fulfills the role of Chief Technology Officer, mapping the vision for Solidatus into a delivery roadmap, while leading the engineering team in London.

Wayne Giddens Solidatus Square 2021

Wayne Giddens

Chief Financial Officer

Wayne is a results-focused CFO with 25+ years of experience growing, scaling, and selling fast-growth start-ups, VC-backed and privately-owned businesses such as Pusher, reed.co.uk, Virgin Active and Massive.


Steve Neat

Chief Revenue Officer

Over the last 35 years Steve has helped build the go-to-market organisations for a number of start-up and scale-up software companies in EMEA, including Oracle, SAP and Siebel Systems. In the last 10 years he has successfully led the European growth of data intelligence companies Collibra and Alation. 

Tina chace

Tina Chace

Vice President, Product

Tina has over a decade of experience as a start-up technologist including pioneered AI solutions for leading banks, driving innovation and expanding into new product verticals. She is a strategic leader adept at building products that deliver true business value including addressing regulatory changes, tech transformations, and organization automation at scale.

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller

Vice President, Customer Sucess

Kevin has spent the last 20 years working for software companies building and leading high performing global teams. Focused on creating amazing customer experiences for the worlds most demanding companies. A passionate technologist he’s operated in Finance, Entertainment, Developer tools and now Data.


Amanda Ward

Vice President, People

With over 25 years experience in human resources and organizational development, Amanda is passionate about fostering a culture of excellence and driving employee engagement and growth. She brings a wealth of expertise in talent acquisition, performance management, and employee relations, and is dedicated to building high-performing teams that drive business success and creating positive and inclusive work environments where employees can thrive and reach their full potential.

Work with us​

We are always on the lookout for the best people to help us grow. If you feel you can bring something new to the team or would like to explore how you can help us achieve our goals, and are interested in seeing where the journey takes us, we want to hear from you!