Solidatus enables organizations to quickly achieve comprehensive data lineage and organization-wide understanding. With a trusted and holistic understanding of their data, organizations can automate process, reduce costs, mitigate risk, demonstrate regulatory compliance and eliminate data debt.

The Solidatus solution

Solidatus provides the only viable low-touch solution to complex data problems, with our ‘lineage-first’ approach proven to offer up to 90% efficiency savings over traditional methods.

Solidatus allows businesses to elevate their organizational data culture and capabilities by enabling the creation of a holistic organization-wide digital map that details all the relationships that interact with and have an impact on their data, accelerating modernization and transformation.

Solidatus is the first choice for data-rich organizations and is being chosen for a growing number of vital client initiatives including digital transformation, data governance, cloud migration and regulatory compliance.


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Fast. Flexible. Enterprise ready.

Solidatus is as useful and flexible as Excel, as visually simple as Visio, and has the collaborative control of Git.

Efficiently map, manage and monetize key assets with our cutting-edge graph database technology. Proven to be much faster than anything else on the market, you can build models rapidly and even share them in an interactive read-only view with anyone in your organization.

  • Flexible, Extendable, Open – Enjoy the full development capabilities of our own team, with our flexible yet structured API – encouraging innovation while supporting elegance.
  • Enterprise Scale & Performance – Visualize millions of data points and flows while remaining operationally performant and functional with our performance-tuned, enterprise-ready, browser-based UI.
  • Collaborative Data Management – Solidatus allows data management to be distributed, federated and social. Enable subject matter experts to discover, document, validate and disseminate information and expertise.
  • Freedom of choice – Enjoy total freedom of choice over deployment on-premises, public, private, or hybrid cloud, or hosted by Solidatus. Efficiently demonstrate, clearly and visually, that your organization has discharged the requisite data governance over your entire data estate, no matter where the data may reside.
  • Leverage existing technology– Leverage legacy assets: technology-agnostic, and able to work with any existing software, we provide a hybrid approach to model both contemporary and legacy technology, enabling targeted, cost-effective improvement of your organisation’s systems estate.

Global investment bank utilises Solidatus for risk data and reporting

What our customers say

The Solidatus team have built a fantastic product backed with outstanding service - both from a sales/support perspective but also from a technical perspective. Access to technical resources to offer guidance and advice and to help resolve issues has been first class.
Finance industry
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Solidatus was implemented as a firmwide data lineage solution to provide data traceability on the attribute level, including data transformations. Solidatus provided support throughout implementation and worked with us to implement all necessary application enhancements. Solidatus is the best data lineage solution in the market.
Finance industry
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Solidatus has helped us created lineage through our production datasets. It exposes a powerful API to help us update our dependency graphs and visualizes our complex and busy dependencies in a clean and searchable fashion. We are very pleased with the product.
Finance industry
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