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Business integration

Your enterprise is becoming more and more complex. Disparate, disconnected infrastructures and data siloes end your business transformation projects before they begin, stopping you from capturing unique insights and new revenue streams.

Solidatus unifies the pillars of your business and shines a light on your data fabric, allowing you to create interactive and living blueprints that visualize how your data flows, and its connections to the processes that create it, to the policies that guide it, and to the people that use it – both now and at other points in time. From this vantage point, an unlimited number of questions can be answered, and the outcomes analyzed. 

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Plan and execute major transformation programs

Whether it be mergers and acquisitions, cloud migrations or technological adoption, preparing for large scale change is complicated. Having a visual representation of the components of your business allows you to identify mission critical data and eliminate redundant information. You can then enrich this data with alignment to regulations, service agreements and business intelligence allowing for in-depth impact analysis before each asset is moved or transformed. With the structure and flow of your data mapped, changes can be made on time and with precision.
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Stay in control

Our software powers both data lineage and business process re-engineering, giving you complete control over your transformation projects reducing inefficiencies in data handling, technology risk and operating expenses.
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Perform scenario planning and impact analysis

Connect with business and technology stakeholders to plan and embed your strategy within your Solidatus blueprint. Conduct scenario planning and define target states, managing potential outcomes to your data and business infrastructure, allowing you to quantify and compare difficult to capture Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
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Establish next generation reporting

Get real-time access to high quality, controlled data sources. Automate manual processes and controls to reduce the operational costs related to data sourcing, standardization, analysis and report production. Connect the dots on disparate pieces of reporting and analysis and formulate a cohesive understanding of business performance drivers.
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Stay transparent

Move away from disconnected PDFs, spreadsheets, Visio diagrams and PowerPoint presentations to current, transparent and valuable assets for planning and executing change. Solidatus highlights gaps, facilitates transparency and provides a simpler, quicker and better route to implement change.
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Seamlessly integrate technology

Solidatus is technology-agnostic and can integrate with most software. We provide multiple connectors, importers and an open API to ingest and catalogue metadata from multiple sources. This helps to create and combine reusable building blocks to deliver holistic end-to-end data supply chains to solve your most challenging business and governance endeavours.

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