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Solidatus awarded "Best Data Governance Solution"

The A-Team’s Data Management Insights Awards recognises Solidatus for its commitment to delivering operationally efficient and business-enabling data governance solutions. Awarding Solidatus the “Best Data Governance Solution” for 2020, favouring innovation over traditional industry heavyweights.

Solidatus provides a rapid return on investment through enterprise-wide alignment, reducing costs and improving efficiency while demonstrating control.

Solidatus for Best Data Governance

FinTech Global’s RegTech100 recognises Solidatus as one of the top solutions for 2021

FinTech Global’s annual RegTech100 recognises the world’s most successful and innovative companies. Solidatus’ inclusion in this list is a fantastic mark of our many achievements to date recognising the valuable support we provide our clients.

Using Solidatus, our clients can give evidence to demonstrable compliance, leveraging non-discretionary compliance spend for operational transformation, and proactive prevention of inadvertent compliance failure arising from oversight or regulatory change.

Solidatus for RegTech100

Solidatus supports the FCA and City of London Corporation’s Digital Sandbox Pilot

UK Financial Conduct Authority Digital Sandbox Pilot participants can now utilise Solidatus’ modelling software, making it easy to find the information they require and view the synthetic data within the sandbox and its interrelated properties.

The Pilot project provides users with access to a suite of tools to collaborate and develop Proofs of Concept for anti-financial crime algorithms. It trials a digital testing environment by providing support to products and services which are at an early stage of development, ultimately preventing fraud and assisting vulnerable consumers.

Solidatus supports FCA


Gartner’s recognition of Solidatus’ revolutionary approach to metadata management has enabled our inaugural entry to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. This endorsement shows how quickly we’ve addressed client needs and the impact it’s having on all industry verticals. We are committed to helping organisations rapidly reduce both complexity and cost, driving efficiency towards operational agility and data maturity.


Citi’s strategic investment reinforces their commitment to Solidatus as the most innovative enterprise metadata management software in the market. It further enhances the enterprise credibility of Solidatus’ vision and the software’s ability to deliver at scale.

At the heart of Solidatus is Data Lineage

Solidatus is designed to make data lineage faster by enabling organisations to quickly and easily gather data and visualise the end-to-end flow.

Visualise Regulatory Lineage

Solidatus provides a flexible end-to-end proof of data lineage to satisfy the growing number of regulations requiring full visibility, including BCBS-239 and CCAR.

Solidatus Tops Gartner's Peer Insights Reviews


Solidatus Tops Gartner's Peer Insights Reviews

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4.9 Solidatus StarsSolidatus StarsSolidatus StarsSolidatus StarsSolidatus Stars

100% Would Recommend
Learn more about how Solidatus delivers success in your sector on Gartner’s Peer Insights.


Solidatus empowers organisations to effectively map, manage and monetise their key asset – data.  Businesses across the world are dealing with complex data points and the lineage-first approach championed by Solidatus is transforming the data management industry.

Clients including top-tier global financial, pharmaceutical and retail firms are using the software to visualise and understand their data estate, taking advantage of the ability to track data through their enterprise to drive business intelligence, digital transformation and regulatory compliance.


Solidatus has been proven to offer up to 90% efficiency savings across the enterprise. Not only can users discover, map, augment and validate models more rapidly, they can share interactive live data views with anyone in their organisation.


The intuitive interface means a short learning curve for all levels of business. It is flexible enough to support innovation but structured enough to support consistency. Future-proofed architecture and technology addresses current and future integration challenges.

Reduce Risk

Solidatus increases transparency within organisations, helping to break down silos, streamline processes and reduce risks. Whether regulatory compliance, transformational change or BAU, Solidatus exposes inefficiencies and operational gaps that can lead to project failures.


Transparency creates understanding. Solidatus rapidly delivers a trusted 360 view of an organisation’s data flows, enabling insightful, sustainable and impactful data management.

An easy-to-use, cloud-native, revolutionary data management platform, Solidatus provides transparency, accountability and understanding for complex data-enabled organisations.


Solidatus breaks down the silos of understanding data across an enterprise, from the departmental down to the key man level.

Uniquely, it combines visualisation of lineage with the metadata that describes the data in motion, providing comprehension and consistency of understanding across the entire organisation.

Start getting value from your data


Solidatus is already being used by some of the world’s largest organisations for:

Regulatory Compliance

Be proactive rather than reactive towards regulatory requirements including BCBS239, CCAR, DFS 504, GDPR, HIPAA, MiFID II, PRA110 and PTC.

Transformational Change

Understand organisational data flow in order to plan change, analyse its impact and future-proof your data ecosystem.


Reduce redundancy and misuse of data by ensuring that all data is catalogued and owned, with the correct lineage to easily spot anomalies.


Coordinate, control and plan change throughout an enterprise regardless of the type of system, the data in use, where it is or who owns it.

Quicker than any other visualisation tool in the market

“We were hired to investigate data quality issues in tax data flows for a major insurance group. A fixed-rate project that we expected to take 9 man-months was completed in 3 using Solidatus. We used the remaining time to deepen the level of data lineage discovered to impress the client”.

Data Analytics Lead, Top Four Auditor

Rapid Data Lineage Visualisation

“We used Solidatus Cloud to rapidly visualise and redesign our global overnight batch process.  We imported the existing flow into Solidatus and remodelled it in just 3 weeks.

We delivered what was expected to take 3 months, making savings of at least 70%.”

Programme Manager, Tier 1 Investment Bank

Solidatus is used by some of the world’s largest organisations for:





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Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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