Visualize, understand and govern data like never before

Next-gen data lineage and connected catalog that solve your biggest data challenges
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Trusted by data leaders globally

Solidatus empowers confident decision-making through total data visibility

Bring order to compliance chaos

  • Automatically map regulations like Basel III or BCBS 239 to your data estate and build a single source of truth.
  • Instantly see compliance impacts and action any changes. 
  • Automate regulatory reporting and disclosures to boost efficiency and reduce costs. 

Leverage one scalable solution for all reporting requirements

Simplify and automate audit trails

  • Rest easy knowing that all changes to obligations, controls, reports, and data are tracked and time stamped. 
  • Automatically generate detailed audit trails for regulatory reports, data, and processes. 
  • Easily access centralized audit trails providing clarity into compliance records vs scattered logs. 

Cut costs by 75% through powerful automation 

Guarantee data quality for regulatory reporting

  • Build data trust by tracking data flow from source to report
  • Establish data quality rules, covering validation, integrity, and business rules. 
  • Reference intuitive dashboards to provide visibility into data anomalies, gaps, and other quality issues.

Slash critical decision time from months to minutes

Re-engineer how you can manage change

  • Build transformation roadmaps using current, historical, and future data views to plot modernization pathways.  
  • Visualize upstream and downstream dependencies to evaluate change impacts across systems, policies, processes, and people. 
  • Reference a single source of truth, so diverse teams can make changes rapidly and in synergy.  

Complete transformation projects in 6 months vs 3 years  

Ensure AI project success

  • Accelerate AI/ML pipeline development with full visibility into data provenance, including transformations, to quickly reveal relationships. 
  • Verify data quality by visualizing data flow in AI/ML pipelines and ensure models are trained on accurate, complete data without bias or errors. 
  • Monitor data changes and visualize impacts on models to rapidly assess effects on performance. Adapt models as necessary. 

Lightning-fast analysis of data origins and uses

Optimize workflows by automating manual report generation

  • Automate updates ensuring reports stay current with changing regulations. 
  • Automatically notify key stakeholders of significant regulatory changes impacting reports. 
  • Rapidly reconfigure reports with no-code environment. 

Cut human error risk and lower operational costs

What our customers say...

Our partnership with Solidatus will bring state-of-the-art technology to enhance our data ecosystem. It’s critical we understand our organizational data flow to enable us to deliver efficiently to our clients.
Stuart Riley — Global Head of Operations and Technology
Citi bank logo
With Solidatus, our data estate is now mapped, modeled and catalogued. In a single view, I can show the business where their data resides, how it flows through systems and applications, what data quality rules apply and what data is subject to GDPR. Solidatus is central to the way that we govern data.
Phil Yeoman – Group CDO
Now pensions logo
Our cross-border data sharing approval process was impeding change through a heavily manual and slow procedure. Solidatus’ transformative technology powered our solution, digitizing data sharing approval requests and delivering an automated response based on a set of predefined parameters. What was taking months is now taking minutes!
Matthew Widick — Group Head of Data Management
HSBC logo
Mapping Devon County Council’s data lineage will help ensure that accurate, complete, and trustworthy data is being used to drive business decisions. The solution gives us knowledge, and knowledge gives us power to make better and informed decisions about the services we provide for the people of Devon.
Samantha Shaw – Programme Manager, Smarter Devon Project
Devon county council logo

Our solutions

Solidatus provides the only viable low-touch solution to complex data problems, with our ‘lineage-first’ approach proven to offer up to 90% efficiency savings over traditional methods.

How does Solidatus work?

At Solidatus, we recognize everything in a business connects, forming an ecosystem greater than isolated parts. To drive efficiency and innovation, organizations must first understand how they operate on different dimensions. This information is what drives an Enterprise Data Blueprint. Using supercharged connectors, we automatically capture end-to-end data lineage at every level of your enterprise, encompassing movements, transformations, and crucial business context. You can then investigate the parts of your blueprint you’re interested in, and, by applying display rules and filters, you can ask the questions you want to of your data.

Build fast

Automatically connect your data to the processes that create it, the policies that guide it, and the obligations that regulate it.

Real-time insights

View a living digital twin of your enterprise data environment that evolves alongside business and technology transformations.

Rapid ROI

Leverage Enterprise Data Blueprints for diverse use cases, effortlessly sharing interactive data views throughout your organization.