Making visible the invisible

Solidatus is an intuitive, simple to use web based application that gives businesses the ability to rapidly map and visualise their data landscape.

Solidatus for regulatory lineage

Solidatus provides a flexible end-to-end proof of data lineage to satisfy the growing number of regulations requiring full visibility, including BCBS-239 and CCAR .

Solidatus for GDPR

Use Solidatus to rapidly discover and document where personal data is held across your organisation. Combine this with your PIA risk assessment to demonstrate how you comply with the principles.

Solidatus for Data Discovery

Solidatus is an intuitive, simple to use web based application that gives you the ability to rapidly map and visualise your organisation’s data landscape — otherwise referred to as data lineage.

Solidatus for change

The end-to-end picture of enterprise data is rarely fully understood. For many, it is scary, risky and invisible.

Solidatus allows you to see it, understand it and accelerate change.

Clear choice

Solidatus is the fastest choice for illuminating the dark room of data.


Saving time and money

Making sense of the mess

Making visible the invisible

Change the way you do data lineage

What we do

Transformational and regulatory lineage

Regulatory lineage

Be proactive rather than reactive towards regulatory requirements including BCBS239, CCAR and GDPR.

Impact analysis

Visualise impact analysis to see which systems and fields will be affected when data or processes change.

Migrate to the cloud

Discover and visualise connections to services to minimise risk when moving into the cloud.

Data quality traceability

When you see discrepancies in data can you trace back through your processes to find the source of the headache?

Governance and control

Engage with stakeholders across your organisation to identify and manage ownership and responsibilities.

Solidatus for GDPR

Rapidly identify systems containing personal data and annotate with risk metrics to demonstrate GDPR compliance.




Solidatus provides a simple, intuitive and fresh web-based application that gives you the ability to rapidly map, visualise and share the flow of data through your organisation.

Whether used to support regulatory lineage, GDPR or the simplification of system landscapes, Solidatus is uniquely designed to build your end-to-end data map faster than anything else.

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what some of our customers say

We were hired to investigate data quality issues in tax data flows for a major insurance group. A fixed-rate project that we expected to take 9 man-months was completed in 3 using Solidatus. We used the remaining time to deepen the level of data lineage discovered and impress the client. Top four auditor

Data Analytics Lead

We used Solidatus Cloud to rapidly visualise and redesign our global overnight batch process. We imported the existing flow into Solidatus and remodelled it in just 3 weeks. We delivered what was expected to take 3 months, making savings of at least 70%. Tier 1 investment bank

Programme manager

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