collibra solidatus partnership

Enrich Collibra data with multi-dimensional layers of critical information for unparalleled visibility and insight.

Collibra is a powerful data intelligence platform that enables organizations to manage and utilize their data assets efficiently while ensuring compliance and data integrity. Solidatus seamlessly integrates with Collibra, delivering market-leading analytics, automation, extraction, and real-time lineage at scale. The results are powerful: significantly decreased implementation and operational costs, mitigated transformational and operational risks, and greater organizational alignment.

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Learn how Collibra uses Solidatus' best-in-class lineage to boost governance workflows

Why customers choose Solidatus' best-in-class data lineage

Flexible fine-grain lineage

Unmatched flexibility in modeling diverse data flows, providing fine-grain lineage to the column level, powered by deep connectors for automated mappings. 

Interactive end-to-end visualization

Visualize, interrogate and analyze end-to-end data flows on a single screen, seamlessly navigating between course and fine-grain lineage, encompassing both the physical and logical. 

Bi-temporal version control

Roll back to historic snapshots of past system architectures; model, plan and track progress towards future states.

Why Collibra users choose Solidatus

Intergrate with any data souce

Maximize data insight by seamlessly integrating diverse sources across cloud platforms, databases, ERPs, CRMs, and critical systems.

Traceability and reporting

End-to-end traceability enables users to collapse data views and zero in on attributes critical for compliance. Users can customize reporting, overlay data quality results, and demonstrate data integrity effectively.

Ease of enrichment

Automatically extract data from Collibra, enrich it, and then seamlessly integrate it for reporting or viewing purposes, accelerating content discovery. 

View the Collibra Solidatus integration in action

Understand how Collibra users can easily visualize and analyze their end-to-end data flows on a single screen, seamlessly navigating between course and fine-grain lineage, encompassing both physical and logical lineage.

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