Microsoft Solidatus partnership

Augment Microsoft Purview with the power of Solidatus

Microsoft has integrated Solidatus’ world class data lineage into Microsoft Purview’s reimagined data governance experience, boosting Purview’s value for its global customer base. 

Data lineage forms the foundation of modern data governance – without it, complexity results in silos, information mismatches, and limited visibility into data movement across the organization. This dynamic partnership will empower Microsoft Purview’s customers to harness Solidatus’ best-in-class data lineage and its unrivalled capabilities in fine grain lineage, visualization and version control, boosting their data governance efforts and fostering stronger, more resilient businesses.

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Learn how Solidatus boosts your governance workflows in Microsoft Purview

Why Microsoft chose Solidatus’ best-in-class data lineage

Flexible fine-grain lineage

Unmatched flexibility in modeling diverse data flows, providing fine-grain lineage to the column level, powered by deep connectors for automated mappings. 

Interactive end-to-end visualization

Visualize, interrogate and analyze end-to-end data flows on a single screen, seamlessly navigating between course and fine-grain lineage, encompassing both the physical and logical. 

Bi-temporal version control

Roll back to historic snapshots of past system architectures; model, plan and track progress towards future states.

Philip Dutton talking about Microsoft Solidatus partnership

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