How Solidatus is enabling everyone to be a data expert

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Explore how our new interface can transform your organization.

Solidatus' new interface opens the data universe to everyone.

For years, Solidatus has been empowering data-rich organizations to navigate their data landscapes, making smarter decisions and driving better business outcomes. In short, our mission is to turn everyone into a data expert. We recently announced our latest innovation: a revamped interface featuring a business-friendly data map view and the world’s first lineage-enabled data catalog. This marks our unwavering commitment to driving AI, Cloud and Regulatory success with data you can trust. 

Let’s dive deeper into how Solidatus is empowering everyone to unleash their inner data expert. 

What’s Solidatus?

Solidatus leads the market in data lineage, equipping teams to capture the full scope of their data flows across the enterprise. We seamlessly connect assets to regulations, internal policies, and business glossaries, right down to specific fields. 

Benefits of our all-new interface

  • Access, analyze and action metadata by combining live dataflows with business intelligence 
  • Streamline governance by navigating from definitions, dictionaries or catalogs to golden source lineage with ease 
  • Bridge the IT-Business divide with easy-to-digest, business friendly interactive maps of technical data flows 

Users Solidatus was built to serve

No matter your team – be it operations, analytics or compliance – through Solidatus, you can reduce operational costs, meet compliance needs and build a better business.

Data Analysts

  • Solidatus offers a clear view of data flows, aiding analysts in tracing, understanding transformations, and spotting inefficiencies. 
  • Self-service analytics allows analysts to explore data deeply without advanced technical skills. 
  • Collaboration tools facilitate sharing insights and working on projects efficiently. 

Business Analysts

  • Provides insights into data flows through business processes, helping identify dependencies and change impacts. 
  • Enables root cause analysis, troubleshooting, and process optimization workflows 
  • Self-service analytics supports scenario analysis and predictive modeling for data-driven decisions. 

Data Architects

  • Offers visibility into data architectures, aiding in design and optimization. 
  • Helps document models, define standards, and establish governance frameworks. 
  • Identifies redundancies, inconsistencies, and gaps for informed decision-making. 
  • Facilitates collaboration between architects, engineers, and stakeholders. 

Chief Data Officers

  • Establish and track compliance at domain level using analytics, monitoring change through time using version control 
  • Capture comprehensive data lineage, ensuring data integrity and traceability for regulatory compliance. 
  • Collaboration features align data practices with business goals, fostering a data-driven culture. 

Compliance Officers

  • Ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR or CCPA by documenting data lineage and governance, monitoring projects using analytics dashboards. 
  • Document data lineage for transparency and regulatory adherence. 
  • Monitor data flows and governance changes for proactive compliance. 

Project Managers

  • Leverage a comprehensive view of data lineage and dependencies. 
  • Track data flows, transformations, and bottlenecks, ensuring project smoothness. 
  • Use collaboration features to streamline team communication, enhancing project efficiency. 

Ready to learn how Solidatus can re-invent your governance strategy?

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Microsoft names Solidatus as key technology partner in their reimagined data governance experience with Microsoft Purview.

March 27, 2024: This week, Microsoft named Solidatus as its preferred data lineage integration partner as it unveiled a reimagined data governance experience in Microsoft Purview, launching in preview on April 8, 2024. This new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform provides intuitive business-friendly interaction, seamless integration across data sources, AI-driven efficiency, and actionable insights, empowering their users to enhance their data governance processes.

Microsoft will extend the value of Microsoft Purview for customers through pre-built integrations with a select group of technologies. Solidatus, the world’s leading data lineage solution used by some of the largest, most complex organizations, is proud to be chosen as their technology partner. Data lineage forms the foundation of modern data governance. Without it, complexity results in silos, information mismatches, and limited visibility into data movement across the organization. This dynamic partnership will empower Microsoft Purview’s global customer base to harness Solidatus’ best-in-class data lineage and its unrivalled capabilities in fine grain lineage, visualization and version control, boosting their data governance efforts and fostering stronger, more resilient businesses.

This announcement comes at a pivotal moment with the rise of generative AI, presenting new opportunities for individuals, businesses, and industries alike. Yet, accompanying these opportunities are significant challenges: escalating cyber threats, increasing regulations, expanding data estates, and the demand for actionable data insights.

"Whether applying AI, driving digital transformation, or ensuring regulatory compliance, our best-in-class data lineage enables users to build a living twin of their enterprise metadata, laying the foundation for informed decision-making. Purview customers will gain a unified and actionable view of their governance workflows, empowering them to tackle their most pressing data challenges.”

Philip Dutton, Solidatus CEO

Read Microsoft’s announcement

Find Solidatus on the Azure Marketplace

Explore the future of data governance by booking a demo now.

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Reflections on Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, 2024

Team Solidatus recently returned from Gartner's Data & Analytics Summit inspired and energized by our industry's rapid advancements. Businesses across all sectors now recognize deep data expertise as essential for sustained success.

At every Gartner event, a reverence for data’s power is a given. However, last week, amidst 5000 attendees, a new message emerged: data can be fun! We wholeheartedly agree – this was core to the keynote delivered by Bank of New York Mellon’s CDO, Eric Hirschhorn, alongside Solidatus CEO, Philip Dutton. He showed the audience that with a dynamic data governance strategy in place, tedious manual tasks disappear, paving the way for innovation and discovery. 

Phil 2
Bank of New York Mellon’s CDO, Eric Hirschhorn, presents to a packed room

The alternative is dire – in a landmark report released last year, 73% of global data leaders express that nearly half of their time is wasted due to inefficiencies, and that data distress has prompted 71% of data leaders in banking and financial services to consider quitting their jobs.  

The message is clear: Without effective data governance, complexity results in silos, information mismatches, and limited visibility into data movement across the organization. 

But there IS a solution – Solidatus! 

Key takeaways from Solidatus’ keynote: Truth, Trust and AI – Pro-active Data Governance with BNY Mellon

Without connectivity, even the most advanced technology stacks come up short, leading to stagnant governance and wasted resources. Cutting-edge institutions like BNY Mellon, managing nearly $50 trillion in assets, wrestled with complex data and lacked a unified view of their digital landscape – until Solidatus came into play.  

Leveraging our next-gen data lineage and connected catalog, America’s oldest bank removed data silos and built a metadata control center with unprecedented traceability.  

The results have been extremely powerful: 

  • In under 4 weeks, Solidatus delivered complete, end-to-end lineage for 3 reports, ingesting data sets from 60 source systems.  
  • In less than 9 months, a small team documented critical data steps and elements to create an enterprise data supply chain view for liquidity reporting. They’ve successfully demonstrated end-to-end lineage of 16 reports. 
  • To date, they’ve modeled 3,000 datasets in a data lake, along with 250 authoritative datasets, 10,000 data quality rules, and 170 data contracts, providing newfound clarity and visibility. 

The team now uses a metadata-driven blueprint to connect their data sources and processes. Both business and IT teams can collaborate easily to explore and discuss data impact scenarios, leveraging current, past, and future data flows. This is fueling transformation, AI integration, risk management, and revenue enhancement. 

“Organizations that truly understand their data – its purpose, its journey, and its quality – will own the future. Whether applying AI, driving digital transformation, or ensuring regulatory compliance, a three-dimensional map of your data estate lays the foundation for informed decision-making. Solidatus stands as the sole platform offering this unified and actionable view.”

Philip Dutton, CEO & Founder, Solidatus

Other Gartner insights: Those who know their data will own the future

While it would be difficult to summarize all the valuable insights we learnt from the numerous talks we attended, several key points resonated with our team: 

  • Effective management of the Data & Analytics function and governance is pivotal for AI readiness, emphasizing execution over strategy and focusing on functional maturity for value creation. This entails implementing robust metadata management, data observability, and governance to ensure accessible and up-to-date data products.  
  • When you know exactly what data you have, where it’s sourced from, and whether your business is properly sourcing from authoritative sources, implementing safe AI becomes much easier. 
  • Metadata serves as the cornerstone for efficiency, connectivity, and user experience in data management. Developing metadata maturity is essential for future-proofing your data analytics capabilities, whether it involves adopting data fabrics or preparing for Generative AI. 
  • Data management markets are evolving towards convergence, reshaping software selection and provisioning methods. New ecosystems, combining data fabric and AI, will bring about innovative business practices. The data mesh and data fabric differ in their approach, with the former emphasizing distributed data management and the latter utilizing existing infrastructure. 

The Solidatus way

Discover how Solidatus frees data teams from boring, manual work, empowering innovation

Solidatus’ next-gen data lineage gives global enterprises like HSBC, BNYM and Citi the foundation needed to solve their most complex data challenges. It eliminates data management silos, enabling a unified, enterprise-wide view of data governance that fosters a holistic understanding of the entire data ecosystem. We deliver business-critical solutions across numerous areas including: 

  • Governance and regulatory compliance  
  • Data risk and controls  
  • Business integration  
  • Environment, Social and Governance  
  • Data sharing 
  • AI readiness 

Explore how Solidatus tackles business challenges head-on

Solidatus in action: All-new interface to unite IT and business

Watch a short video that introduces Solidatus’ new interface, with the world’s first lineage-enabled data catalog. 

Solidatus in action: Technology demonstration

Watch a short video to learn how a Solidatus user builds and navigates an enterprise data blueprint. 

Solidatus in action: Compliance and governance

Watch a short video to learn how understanding data origins improves access controls, compliance enforcement, and issue remediation. 

We’d love to hear your data challenges and show you how Solidatus can help. For a personalized consultation and demo, click the button below.

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For the second successive year, Solidatus has ranked in the FT’s annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

The 91st place ranking for Solidatus is up 120 places on 2023, putting the organization 14th amongst the fastest growing UK-founded companies on the list. See the full list here.

Making this year’s list, which is ranked in order of revenue growth, is the latest in a succession of accolades for Solidatus over recent months.

In December, the company was recognised at the Banking Tech Awards for our work with HSBC, where we won the prestigious ‘Best Use of Tech in Business Lending’ prize. And just weeks before that, we were announced as winners of the ‘Best Data Governance Solution’ at the A-Team Data Management Insight Awards USA. No surprise, then, that our CEO, Philip Dutton, was recognized as an influential data leader on the DataIQ 100 USA list last year.

But none of the recognition and the awards would be possible without the hard work, dedication and effort of Team Solidatus – and the enduring relationships with our wonderful customers, as we strive daily to deliver innovation and value through our unique approach to data management.

Read more about the all-new Solidatus interface

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Unite IT and Business: Decision-making power in the hands of every user

We recently marked a significant milestone in the Solidatus journey with the announcement of an all-new interface, including a business-friendly data map view and the world’s first lineage-enabled data catalog. 

A few benefits include:

  • Access, analyze and action metadata by combining live data flows with business intelligence 
  • Streamline governance by navigating from definitions, dictionaries or catalogs to golden source lineage with ease 
  • Bridge the IT-Business divide with easy-to-digest, business friendly interactive maps of technical data flows 

If you haven’t watched it yet, view our video introducing essential features like Connected Catalog and Data Map.

Play Video

Explore the future of data governance by booking a demo now.

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Gain unparalleled transparency into your business through the world's first lineage-enabled data catalog

Behind every business challenge lies a data challenge. Yet, for too long, the data domain has been controlled by just a handful of experts. Those days are over. We’re proud to unveil our new interface that unlocks the power of Solidatus for all users. 

It’s time to democratize data and empower every decision maker. No matter your team – be it operations, analytics or compliance – through Solidatus, you can reduce operational costs, meet compliance needs and build a better business.  

  • Combine live data flows with business intelligence to make metadata accessible, analyzable, and actionable. 
  • Streamline governance workflows and save countless hours by navigating from regulatory definitions, data dictionaries or systems catalogs, to golden source lineage in just a few clicks. 
  • Bridge the IT-Business divide by presenting an interactive map of technical data flows in a format that the business can easily understand.

What’s new?

Introducing Connected Catalog and Data Map

The Connected Catalog seamlessly integrates your physical lineage with business glossaries, data dictionaries, and systems catalog through one intuitive interface. This allows you to easily explore specific technical assets using familiar descriptors and definitions.

The Data Map provides a visual representation of your catalog, enabling you to navigate from a high-level overview of your business lineage to the fine-grained lineage of technical assets. Together, these features empower technical teams to establish and deliver metadata domains, enabling the business to explore, analyze, attest, and derive insights.

Connected Catalog

Catalog capabilities unify data sources, significantly reducing the time to attain crucial business insights.

  • Technical architects can publish data domains that connect physical data flows with their supporting glossaries, dictionaries and policies in one interface. 
  • In minutes, explore data assets, entities, properties, regulatory obligations, and other business or technical context throughout your entire data ecosystem. 
  • Dive deeper into hierarchies to view available assets and their descriptions. 
  • Access user-friendly and newly refreshed business glossary and data dictionary views. 
  • In a few clicks, jump from catalog entries to domain-scale visualizations. 

New capabilities for Solidatus users

FVGIF1 Data Domain Entity Trace
  • Browse data domains through your chosen lens: technical metadata, systems architecture, or regulatory obligations. 
  • Search data domains for glossary terms or physical assets, quickly revealing the connections between them. 
  • Transition seamlessly from a catalog entry to its lineage view with the integration of Data Maps.

Data Maps

Consolidate your entire enterprise of data flows into a map that your business teams can interpret, explore, and analyze. 

  • Data architects can present enterprise-wide data flows in a way that is easy for business users to understand, explore, and performs well at scale. 
  • Business users can visually browse entire systems or focus on where specific data elements originate. For more context on an asset, they can open its sidebar to review its properties and relationships to glossary terms or key policy obligations. 
  • Navigate from a ‘Map of the World’ to the trace of an entity in just a few clicks – all in a business context that is easily understood.  
  • Users can click “Trace” in the sidebar to eliminate unnecessary details and view the lineage specifically for columns or tables. 
GIF2 DataMaps

New capabilities for Solidatus users 

  • Switch perspectives to observe the same lineage flow through regulatory, business, and other lenses. 
  • Examine comprehensive enterprise-wide lineage in business terms and drill down into detailed entity-level insights. 
  • Once a visualization is built, you can save it for quick access each time you log in. Solidatus automatically updates this dynamic visualization to mirror changes in your system, ensuring you always have a current view of your data flows.
  • Save important or most viewed Data Maps and return to them quickly from the data domain homepage. 

We're really excited about our groundbreaking new interface and would love to share it with you. Reach out for an in-depth demo and discover what it can do for your business.

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2023 shows no signs of slowing down for us and our partners, marked by a significant win at the Banking Tech Awards from FinTech Futures for Best Use of Tech in Business Lending. We take pride in this recognition, which reflects our successful and ongoing efforts to deliver effective services to our customers.


Our joint submission showed how HSBC supercharged their Wholesale Lending business with our next-gen version-controlled graph tech.

Within six months of launching, a small business team documented and modelled HSBC’s entire wholesale lending book, demonstrating traceability from source to consumption. The team has now successfully modelled 2,000 source tables with 80,000+ fields, and 20,000+ data linkages across 45 source systems used globally.

With this Winter win of 2023, we are in high anticipation of 2024 and what it will bring. If you want to learn more about our data sharing work with HSBC, you can access it all in our case study 

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After a remarkable year filled with success and expanding our reach, we are happy to announce our win in the ‘Best Data Governance Solution’ category at the A-Team Data Management Insight Awards USA 2023.

This marks our third win for us in the ‘Best Data Governance Solution’ category – a testament to our transformative data governance capabilities in data management.

Our data governance solution goes far beyond basic data management, adding different dimensions through powerful dynamic visualizations and this award solidifies our position as leaders in this domain. In today’s complex digital landscape, having a visual representation of the connections that define and drive an organization can be the key differentiator between success and failure.

DataManagmentInsightsAwards 023

Solidatus CEO & Founder Philip Dutton

With high hopes for the year ahead, we anticipate 2024 will be just as rewarding, and we eagerly anticipate sharing these accomplishments with our colleagues, partners, clients, and industry peers.

For more information on this great awards ceremony, you can check out the A-Team’s dedicated showcase page:

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Philip Dutton, Solidatus CEO, recognized as an influential data leader joining the DataIQ 100 USA

“Who’s made the cut?”

That was the question on everyone’s lips at the big reveal live on 24th May at 1 o’clock Eastern Time, the cut being the 2023 DataIQ 100 USA list of the most influential people in data.

We’ve rather given the game away with our headline, at least in the case of one of those 100 top data leaders, because we’re delighted to say that our CEO and founder, Philip Dutton, did just that in this, its second year of publishing a US list.

Just 12 months after he relocated to Houston to set up Solidatus’s North American headquarters, Philip has been recognized by industry peers for the work he’s doing at the helm of Solidatus, the leading data management solution that empowers organizations to discover, connect and activate their metadata to deliver the insights needed to solve modern data challenges.

Speaking from London – to which he briefly returned earlier this week to talk at the Gartner® Data & Analytics Summit alongside BNY Mellon’s Lewis Reeder in a presentation entitled Solidatus: How BNY Mellon is Visualizing a Holistic View from a Complex World – Philip said: “I was thrilled to be nominated by a data leader within the industry, and then to be chosen to be included in such a prestigious list is quite humbling, given the names I see alongside mine. Solidatus is the only metadata management company that is engineered to deliver implicit trust from complex enterprise data. This is why we’re trusted by 20% of the Global Systemic Banks, such as Citi, HSBC and many more, as well as across all other industry verticals. It’s my mission to bring this trust to as wide a userbase as possible, and I think my peers recognize this drive.”

He joins a list that includes the likes of the CDO at the Dow Jones, Oracle’s senior director of product strategy, the CDO of Salesforce, IBM’s CDO and Google’s chief decision scientist, not to mention fellow Houstonian and CDO of Chevron, Ellen Nielsen.

We touch on a few of Philip’s achievements below, but first, a quick look at DataIQ…

Who are DataIQ and what does this mean?

DataIQ is the fast-growing, cross-industry community of data and analytics leaders and professionals from Fortune 500 and large or mid-market organizations.

Submissions for consideration for its list can be made by or on behalf of anyone working in or supporting the data and analytics industry. The pool of potential nominees, therefore, is huge, meaning that those who make it through to the last 100 really have made a difference in the good fight to make data better.

So why Philip?

DataIQ reviews every nominee, focusing on how they stack up in the following critical areas, on all of which, Philip came up trumps:

Leadership within their organizations: How they demonstrate the importance and value of data and analytics, either by taking it to the very top level (Data Titans) or by showing how their solutions are impacting on the way data and analytics are deployed by clients (Data Enablers).

  • Philip’s work and influence with global data-rich and regulated organizations, including some of the world’s largest investment banks, who have become champions of his company’s software, is a good example of his role as a data enabler.

Engagement: How they are interacting with the broader data and analytics industry. Are they playing an active role on an industry council or working group? Are they speaking at conferences or webinars, publishing thought leadership articles or involved in other external activities across the industry?

  • Philip is an active member of the EDM Council, is asked to speak at events globally, and regularly contributes articles to the industry press or is approached by journalists for comment, a recent example of the latter being when he spoke to the FinTech Times in a piece in which he was quoted as saying: “Bad data governance practices result in poor decision-making and breaking compliance. If organizations don’t have the right capabilities in place to analyze their critical data sets and extrapolate key insights to support decision-making and ensure regulatory compliance, they could be sleepwalking into a data disaster. By using technology to manage and visualize your ecosystem, you can rapidly analyze your data sources and data flows to identify negative impacts. This clear mapping is a critical step in identifying data risk and avoiding errors that could disrupt compliance, cause significant fines and damage your reputation.”

Support DataIQ and its mission: DataIQ focuses on advancing the profession of data and analytics, so “involvement with what we are seeking to achieve can’t be a bad thing,” it says.

  • As co-founder, Philip has been leading Solidatus from its inception. With over two decades’ industry experience, he’s become a recognized and influential thought leader within the data management space and continues to campaign to revolutionize the data economy and change the way the world manages data. In this time, he has supported organizations in delivering quantifiable and future-proof business results, while leading the Solidatus team in addressing real-life data challenges by uncovering its true value.

Read more about DataIQ 100 USA.

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Injecting active metadata into your governance and 4 other things we’re looking forward to at the Gartner® Data and Analytics Summit in Orlando

By Ashlee Dutton, Director, Analyst & Industry Relations at Solidatus

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun with data?

It seems like only six months ago we were rolling up our sleeves in sunny Orlando for the last annual Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in the US.

And actually, it was only six months; lifting of Covid travel restrictions came too late for the conference to be held in its usual March timeslot, so we gathered in August instead, discussing, among other things, our new partnership with BNY Mellon and all the ways their Chief Data Officer and his team are using Solidatus to quickly deliver target state and ROI from their data ecosystem.

But with most of the world now enjoying pre-pandemic-style normality – prevalence of home- and hybrid-working aside – we’re back to a spring gathering for 2023, the summit running March 20th to 22nd.

So, what has happened in six months? As we all know the data world moves fast and we can often feel like we’re riding the Jurassic World VelociCoaster (Google it along with ‘Orlando’). So let’s not be fooled into thinking that little has changed since we last met; much data has flowed under the digital bridges both at Solidatus and in the data world more generally.

So here are the top five things we can’t wait to do in Orlando – besides of course enjoying the sun and sandal weather, even if it’s not quite as blistering as it was in August.

1) Showing you how to inject active metadata into your governance

Philip Dutton, CEO and Co-founder of Solidatus, will go into his presentation on March 22nd and it isn’t to be missed!

The unstoppable pace of digital and regulatory change means you can no longer ignore your data governance obligations. If you do, it’s a not question of if, but when your organization is impacted and suffers both financial and reputational loss.

Are you ready to be the change and inject a new lifeline into your organization’s data and analytics governance strategy? Learn how to adopt a smart and agile lineage-first approach, where you don’t just demonstrate compliance, but open a world of opportunities that’ll see your C-suite smile and make the unknown known.

If you believe in good governance, you won’t want to miss this – and we don’t want to miss you. (Though if we do, you can of course come and see us at our stand #301.)

Where and when: Theater 1 Exhibit Showcase Atlantic Hall, Wednesday at 12.35pm

2) Debating the role of active metadata

Active metadata is one the topics at this year’s event.

As Gartner put it in its Market Guide for Active Metadata Market Management, published November 2022, “Through 2024, organizations that adopt aggressive metadata analysis across their complete data management environment will decrease time to delivery of new data assets to users by as much as 70%.” 

It’s a subject very close to our heart, having been recognized in the same guide. We’ve written about active metadata more extensively in a blog post entitled From data to metadata to active metadata, and in two papers: this overview (PDF); and this one, which covers mining value from active metadata (PDF)

But there’s so much more to learn and contribute to the discussion, and we believe the Garter Data & Analytics Summit is the place to do it.

3) Demoing a bunch of cool new Solidatus features at Booth #301

If you don’t know much about Solidatus and its lineage-first mandate, come to our stand to learn, question or even debate what we mean when we say that we are the leading active metadata solution with unrivalled business and technical data lineage capabilities, leading to up to 96% cost savings.

If you do know us and how we help you deliver bulletproof governance and regulatory compliance, to name just one of the five solutions we enable, then we’ve got three awesome new features to show you, which we announced earlier this year:

  • The first is our all-new Solidatus Search, which allows you to zero in on whatever you’re looking for in your entire data estate. You can: find data elements, data flows and properties; fine-tune your search results with dynamic filters and suggestions; and locate the models you need to understand and navigate your business.
  • The second are Solidatus Dashboards, which elevate your top-level insight for smarter decision-making. You can: review at-a-glance aggregated statistics as graphs and numbers; choose what matters to you by defining the metrics that matter most; shine a light on data mess with unlimited customized metrics tracking.
  • The third is automatic SQL lineage visualization, with which you can: automatically extract and analyze SQL code; understand the flow of data through tables and views; and, with our SQL parsing connectors, annotate the dataflow graph with the SQL snippets.

Of course, there’s much else besides that we can show you, but this should whet the appetite of all but the hardest to please of data analysts and CDOs.

4) Showcasing the latest in our shiny portfolio of connectors

Our offering in this area is already very strong but we’re laser-focused on ramping up our efforts with our connectors, and we look forward to talking about them on our stand – as well as connecting with some of our technology partners also in attendance, such as Snowflake, Denodo and Collibra to name a few.

Paired with our stellar software development kit, it’s easier than ever to load metadata from disparate source systems. With our out-of-the-box connectors, you create your own connectors to load metadata from anywhere, with no vendor lock-in or other commitment.

But remember, not all connectors are built equal. How deep do those of other data governance, lineage and catalog software providers dive? Our program of development is focusing not just on number of connectors (adding to the dozens we already have) but on their depth and automated lineage mapping capabilities.

Come speak to us to discuss whether we have the right connectors for you or if we can build them for you when you get onboard with us.

But that’s not all on the connections front.

5) Connecting with our data community

We can’t wait to connect with you.

We’re not a sentimental bunch at Solidatus. “We’re a serious organization on a serious mission to make the unknown known in the complex world of data.” But the adage that people buy people – as in we buy from the people we like – isn’t just true; it’s true in reverse: people also tend to sell to people they like. At least, we do; we love our growing and loyal customers – and prospects – and look forward to catching up with you all in person.

So come by the stand if for no other reason than to say hello and pick up some of our new Solidatus-branded merchandise, including some fancy new wireless smartphone chargers; it’s all about connecting.

We’re at Booth #301. We’ll connect with you there!


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