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How to become a data-driven organization

Data. It powers the cogs of nearly every business today, and has become a true ‘asset’, especially when it comes to digital transformation and data-driven decision making.

In this EM360 podcast with Scott Taylor (a.k.a ‘The Data Whisperer’), our Co-CEO Philip Dutton is joined by GSK Consumer Healthcare’s CDO, Wade Munsie.

Philip and Wade share their thoughts on the realism of what goes into making data an asset, data-led decision-making, and the purpose of the CDO. The pair answer key business questions such as:

How should companies begin their data transformation journeys and manage their assets effectively?

How should a business approach the purpose of the CDO from an investment and governance standpoint?

And, how should we deal with data quality?

Additional topics of discussion include data ecosystem sustainability and setting up a CDO from scratch.

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