7 habits of effective financial technology leaders

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    “I think it’s the same for any founder – you can’t leave anything left in the tank. You have to use everything that you’ve got. To become successful, you can’t expect something to come to you – you’re going to have to go and get it.” – Philip Miller, Co-Founder, Solidatus

    After sitting down with The Realization Group for Harrington Starr’s The Financial Technologist, Solidatus Co-Founder Philip Miller caught up virtually with fellow industry pioneers who took part in the series ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective Financial Technology Leaders‘ to discuss how they were able to seize market opportunities and build on their successes during the most challenging of times. 

    Reflecting on the events of the past year, Philip comments, “What epitomises where we are is that we’re kind of in a bit of a war, and technology advances best when you’ve got real purpose and real drive. When a lot of red tape is, to a degree, thrown out of the window.”

    So, how have FinTech leaders throughout the industry managed to navigate their way through a global pandemic, market turbulence, growing teams online and creating supportive cultures? This is how:

    1. They capitalise on market opportunity
    2. They listen to customers and solve problems
    3. They add value to the customer journey
    4. They engage teams and drive purpose
    5. They reduce friction and drive efficiencies
    6. They invest in growth
    7. They constantly innovate and challenge the norm

    To learn more, listen to the full webinar on-demand right here:

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