Alteryx partnership helps demonstrate connected governance

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Solidatus extends technology partnership with Alteryx to demonstrate ‘connected governance’

Enhanced alliance will help customers visualize data flow across their Alteryx workflows through Solidatus interface, demonstrating governance and building greater confidence to grow their Alteryx footprint

London and Houston, 4th July 2023. Solidatus, the leading data management solution that empowers organizations to connect, visualize and govern their data relationships through data lineage, has extended its strategic technology partnership with Alteryx, the preeminent analytics automation platform.

Leveraging a partnership with a leading Global Systems Integrator (GSI), the two companies have been able to successfully facilitate two large-scale transformation projects: one for a global systemically important bank (G-SIB); the other, a multinational financial services company.

Both shared customers derived value from Alteryx-enabled workflows, which brought significant improvements to their business-critical analysis capabilities by streamlining the production of regulatory reports and reducing the frustrations and challenges felt by their internal IT groups. In order to grow, they faced a business requirement to address data governance concerns over audit, processing and best practices. Each wanted to demonstrate end-to-end lineage to fulfil regulatory obligations specifically around MIFiD and Solvency 2 (capital adequacy), as well as ESG disclosures.

This is where Solidatus came to the fore: by mapping the Alteryx workflows into Solidatus and then through their companies’ systems, processes, controls and their governance platform, Solidatus could easily demonstrate governance processes, leading the senior business leaders of both customers to extend their Alteryx footprint and bring further value to their organizations.

Following the success of these projects, Solidatus has extended its support for more Alteryx tool sets and fully automated the integration. Customers can not only get fine-grained, field-level lineage but can show that their data is under control by allowing them to complete an end-to-end picture of the whole process and resulting data estate.

Håkan Söderbom, Sr. Director, Technology Alliances, at Alteryx, said: “Working with Solidatus enables shared customers to benefit from lineage to quickly demonstrate that their data is properly governed. Solidatus lineage makes it easy to connect technical and non-technical applications and platforms that maintain policies, controls, CDEs and regulations to visually prove compliance much faster than would typically be possible.”

Howard Travers, Head of Technology Alliances at Solidatus, said: “Alteryx workflows are a critical part of the management of organizational data flows for regulatory reporting at many of the largest banks in the world, especially in the USA. The Solidatus-Alteryx integration creates a field-level lineage-focused view of an Alteryx workflow, which can be automatically linked to upstream and downstream lineage information to provide a clear end-to-end view. We believe the Solidatus-Alteryx connector will provide confidence to any financial or regulated organization wishing to expand their use of Alteryx.

“Our vision is to ‘make the unknown known’ by enabling organizations to rapidly build an enterprise data blueprint. Solidatus is a powerful data management solution in its own right. However, we are being increasingly used as a lineage bridge to other best-of-breed applications like our partners Alteryx, Snowflake, Collibra and BigID, to name but a few. Our relationship with Alteryx proves the value of ‘connected governance’ to demonstrate governance, removing concerns, building confidence and driving expansion.”

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