Data blueprints deliver knowledge and context

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At a recent keynote speech in London, Solidatus Co-CEO Philip Dutton said that “the demon of complexity is the thing we’re all struggling with.” But do the trappings of pivoting towards a more data-driven business really have to be so complex?

The answer to that, quite simply, is no. They don’t. In fact, having the right data blueprint can not only eliminate complexities but also support and accelerate growth. And at the A-Team Data Management Summit, Philip looked deeper into this.

Noting that we may not have control over certain events in the world that can change the very fabric of how we operate as businesses, countries and even people, we can position ourselves to be adaptable to change and even lay foundations for innovation.

In his keynote, Philip discusses:

  • how agility, innovation and disruption can be achieved
  • why this is so important as the digital world continues to transform at a rapid pace, and;
  • who can provide this kind of intelligible, future-proof blueprint

Watch on-demand now to hear his insights:

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