ESG is not an environmental issue: it’s a data one

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“ESG is not primarily an environmental challenge for businesses. It is instead a data sourcing and governance challenge, requiring transparency and clear links to company objectives to drive it successfully. Dealing with changes in regulations and disclosures is going to be required for a few years to come.”

Our Chief Data Officer, Lorraine Waters, caught up with the team over at The Stack to look at ESG and the real problems causing businesses issues as they try to make a positive impact, comply with under-developed Standards and attract ESG-driven investors.

ESG is all about being environmentally and socially conscious, and for organisations – especially global enterprises – ensuring they are not only perceived to be doing good, but are actually setting about making change for their company, employees and the world is a huge job in itself. Increasingly, companies are sitting down to identify and set out their own ESG goals and trying to make sense of their data, and they are quickly realising that this will be a much bigger beast than once thought.

In this article, Lorraine takes a deep dive into the data management and governance issues that are making ESG strategies even more complex due to lack of standardisation, differing ratings criteria, and lack of understanding around ESG data and what it means for businesses looking to implement change.

But hope is certainly not lost, and solutions like Solidatus will enable organisations to move beyond simple adherence to criteria by taking a proactive course now – before regulations are truly enforced – so that they can realise their ESG business initiatives and aspirations. By doing this, they ensure they are head of the curve not just for an investment or regulatory compliance advantage, but for genuinely making the world a better place for everyone.

To find out more read Lorraine’s article for The Stack:

ESG is not an environmental issue: it’s a data one