Getting customer data right

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Our new Chief Data Officer, Lorraine Waters, caught up with Scotiabank VP and Chief Data Officer Allie Harris over a fireside CDO chat at the A-Team Insight Virtual Data Management Summit last week.

Discussing how to get customer data right to support regulatory compliance and a digital customer experience, Allie and Lorraine took a deep dive into capturing information around customer data by:

  • Ensuring all business lines that are touching the same customers have the same view, so that information is not siloed for business purposes
  • Pulling data together that will give you the opportunity to give clients options based on the standardisation and aggregation of data
  • Understanding how you can enhance the data for business values, instead of just looking at remediating data for regulatory compliance
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From using ontologies and knowledge graphs, to understanding how the entirety of a clients corporate structure shows potential opportunities for cross and up-sell, Allie and Lorraine looked at the gains of getting customer data right, the benefit of leveraging data standards and how technology is helping organisations understand and use their customer’s data.