Philip Dutton, CEO, recognized by DataIQ 100 USA

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Philip Dutton, Solidatus CEO, recognized as an influential data leader joining the DataIQ 100 USA

“Who’s made the cut?”

That was the question on everyone’s lips at the big reveal live on 24th May at 1 o’clock Eastern Time, the cut being the 2023 DataIQ 100 USA list of the most influential people in data.

We’ve rather given the game away with our headline, at least in the case of one of those 100 top data leaders, because we’re delighted to say that our CEO and founder, Philip Dutton, did just that in this, its second year of publishing a US list.

Just 12 months after he relocated to Houston to set up Solidatus’s North American headquarters, Philip has been recognized by industry peers for the work he’s doing at the helm of Solidatus, the leading data management solution that empowers organizations to discover, connect and activate their metadata to deliver the insights needed to solve modern data challenges.

Speaking from London – to which he briefly returned earlier this week to talk at the Gartner® Data & Analytics Summit alongside BNY Mellon’s Lewis Reeder in a presentation entitled Solidatus: How BNY Mellon is Visualizing a Holistic View from a Complex World – Philip said: “I was thrilled to be nominated by a data leader within the industry, and then to be chosen to be included in such a prestigious list is quite humbling, given the names I see alongside mine. Solidatus is the only metadata management company that is engineered to deliver implicit trust from complex enterprise data. This is why we’re trusted by 20% of the Global Systemic Banks, such as Citi, HSBC and many more, as well as across all other industry verticals. It’s my mission to bring this trust to as wide a userbase as possible, and I think my peers recognize this drive.”

He joins a list that includes the likes of the CDO at the Dow Jones, Oracle’s senior director of product strategy, the CDO of Salesforce, IBM’s CDO and Google’s chief decision scientist, not to mention fellow Houstonian and CDO of Chevron, Ellen Nielsen.

We touch on a few of Philip’s achievements below, but first, a quick look at DataIQ…

Who are DataIQ and what does this mean?

DataIQ is the fast-growing, cross-industry community of data and analytics leaders and professionals from Fortune 500 and large or mid-market organizations.

Submissions for consideration for its list can be made by or on behalf of anyone working in or supporting the data and analytics industry. The pool of potential nominees, therefore, is huge, meaning that those who make it through to the last 100 really have made a difference in the good fight to make data better.

So why Philip?

DataIQ reviews every nominee, focusing on how they stack up in the following critical areas, on all of which, Philip came up trumps:

Leadership within their organizations: How they demonstrate the importance and value of data and analytics, either by taking it to the very top level (Data Titans) or by showing how their solutions are impacting on the way data and analytics are deployed by clients (Data Enablers).

  • Philip’s work and influence with global data-rich and regulated organizations, including some of the world’s largest investment banks, who have become champions of his company’s software, is a good example of his role as a data enabler.

Engagement: How they are interacting with the broader data and analytics industry. Are they playing an active role on an industry council or working group? Are they speaking at conferences or webinars, publishing thought leadership articles or involved in other external activities across the industry?

  • Philip is an active member of the EDM Council, is asked to speak at events globally, and regularly contributes articles to the industry press or is approached by journalists for comment, a recent example of the latter being when he spoke to the FinTech Times in a piece in which he was quoted as saying: “Bad data governance practices result in poor decision-making and breaking compliance. If organizations don’t have the right capabilities in place to analyze their critical data sets and extrapolate key insights to support decision-making and ensure regulatory compliance, they could be sleepwalking into a data disaster. By using technology to manage and visualize your ecosystem, you can rapidly analyze your data sources and data flows to identify negative impacts. This clear mapping is a critical step in identifying data risk and avoiding errors that could disrupt compliance, cause significant fines and damage your reputation.”

Support DataIQ and its mission: DataIQ focuses on advancing the profession of data and analytics, so “involvement with what we are seeking to achieve can’t be a bad thing,” it says.

  • As co-founder, Philip has been leading Solidatus from its inception. With over two decades’ industry experience, he’s become a recognized and influential thought leader within the data management space and continues to campaign to revolutionize the data economy and change the way the world manages data. In this time, he has supported organizations in delivering quantifiable and future-proof business results, while leading the Solidatus team in addressing real-life data challenges by uncovering its true value.

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