Solidatus joins Snowflake’s partner program

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Snowflake’s native governance capabilities gives you the power to know, control and unlock your data. They created the Data Governance Accelerated Program for partners who can integrate and enhance these capabilities, and the team at Solidatus are proud to partner with them to add new levels of context and visualization to Snowflake, enhancing its governance capabilities, giving you more control and a deeper understanding of how data is used across your organization, and where policies need to be applied. With this knowledge, you can better address regulatory requirements, drive digital transformation, capture business insights, and make better, less risky and more informed data-driven decisions. 

Key benefits of the Solidatus approach

As a Snowflake user, you have access to a suite of data governance controls like access policies, data masking, object tagging and coarse grain lineage. Solidatus’ data lineage enriches these capabilities by allowing you to create living blueprints that map how your data flows as it moves through your systems – both now and at other points in time. When metadata is ingested from Snowflake into Solidatus, we integrate any security policies, data masking, and tagging information as an extra dimension to your data flows. Through understanding how and where these controls are being applied, you establish a trusted foundation for policy enforcement, and radically speed up cloud transformation projects by cutting discovery time, streamlining implementation, and mitigating future risk and costs.

To summarize, Snowflake with Solidatus will:

  • Cut costs by reducing the time spent managing and implementing resources.
  • Speed up your migration to Snowflake.
  • Provide needed visibility to reduce operational risk and improve operating efficiency.
  • Boost governance and regulatory compliance.
  • Establish controlled planning and implementation of change.
  • Monitor data sharing for compliance.
  • Visualize and contextualize data policies, regulations and other data assets present in Snowflake.
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