Solidatus joins the AWS Marketplace to bring connected governance to AWS customers

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Solidatus joins the AWS Marketplace to bring connected governance to AWS customers

Unlocking the true power of AWS with the world’s leading data lineage solution 

Solidatus, the leading enterprise data lineage and metadata management provider, today announced its availability in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, allowing AWS customers to seamlessly discover, purchase, and deploy Solidatus. With integrations to AWS services like S3, Redshift, and Glue, plus connectivity to other AWS data sources, Solidatus delivers an integrated data landscape view across AWS and non-AWS environments. This unified approach allows for effective governance and risk management by bridging cloud, on-premises, and hybrid systems on one pane of glass. 

Simon Bustamante-Dick, Partner Analytics Leader, EMEA AWS, said: “AWS Marketplace transforms how enterprises worldwide find, subscribe to, deploy, and govern third-party software, data, containers, machine learning models, and professional services. It’s also become the most strategic channel for ISVs, data providers, and resellers to acquire new customers, migrate existing customers to the cloud, and grow revenue. I’m excited to welcome Solidatus to the AWS Marketplace. Their solution lets customers create integrated data maps spanning AWS and non-AWS environments, and this consolidated visibility allows organizations to simplify governance across AWS cloud, multicloud, hybrid, and on premises systems. Solidatus fills a key need for our customers seeking end-to-end data insight.”

With an extensive list of trusted partnerships and out-of-the-box integrations with leading data management vendors like Collibra, Snowflake, Alteryx, Google BigQuery, BigID, Denodo, Data.World, Informatica, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM Redhat, Solidatus gives AWS customers confidence in leveraging their data from end to end.

Philip Dutton, Solidatus CEO, added: “Through AWS Marketplace, it’s now simpler than ever for customers to leverage Solidatus to visualize their data journeys and unlock deeper insights across their business. Our technology’s flexibility is a key asset, and we look forward to supporting AWS users with diverse data intelligence needs, from governance to analytics.”  

Key benefits of Solidatus for AWS users:

It doesn’t matter how data enters your business, how it’s transported, or where it’s stored, Solidatus consolidates your enterprise metadata into a single, manageable view. This gives users the power to create dynamic blueprints that visualize real-time data flow, providing an operational control center for comprehensive data management and analysis at scale.   

  • Automate end-to-end data lineage across AWS services  
  • Connect data sources for integrated analytics and improved decisions 
  • Map data to critical business processes to streamline operations 
  • Streamline data governance workflows  
  • Identify security gaps for enhanced data protection
  • Rapidly embed risk controls into data and processes  
  • Identify data quality issues affecting reporting 

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