Tech Company News Interview with Philip Dutton

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Solidatus Co-Founder Philip Dutton recently caught up with the team at Tech Company News to discuss the origins of Solidatus, how our solution is transforming businesses on a global scale and where the future lies for us as a business. 

“Our ambition is not only engineering a very necessary piece of software, but also to build a company that is collaborative, inclusive and forward thinking – a tech company of the future in terms of our ethos as well as our product.”

In this profile of Solidatus with Tech Company News, Philip Dutton explores how our lineage-first data management software allows organisations’ data to be efficiently managed through visualisation, as we play a crucial role in enabling the world’s largest data-rich and regulated organisations to effectively manage their data, people and processes.

With our eyes now fixed on global expansion, Philip also gives an insight into what our current focus is as a business – from opening offices in the US to rolling out our industry-first ESG data lineage methodology in response to the growing push for companies worldwide to become more environmentally and socially responsible.