The CDO, digital transformation & lineage

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“At Solidatus, we have developed a concept called ‘lineage-first’: instead of the age old method of identifying critical data elements, we are talking about data lineage first to prevent data issues rather than detect data issues through data quality programmes.”

Solidatus Chief Data Officer Lorraine Waters recently joined leading publication CDO Magazine for a video interview series exploring some of the most important issues that CDOs are facing, particularly as the role of the CDO has become so vital to businesses, and greater emphasis is put on the value of data lineage and better data management practices.

In the first of this four-part series, Lorraine chatted with Ben DeBow, Founder and CEO of Fortified Data Services, and discussed the following key points:

  • Her journey into becoming a CDO and joining Solidatus
  • How the pandemic has shaped the role of the CDO which is now a function vital for most businesses 
  • The importance of an effective digital transformation strategy in a post-Covid world and how it can fundamentally change the way an organisation works
  • How the concept of ‘lineage-first’ is now gaining momentum in the industry by helping businesses become proactive with their data management, rather than reactive
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