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Anti money laundering HIGH RES scaled

“I see my team as both my colleagues within Solidatus, but also our customers and the community we work with … I love to see how of our customers are innovating using our capabilities to deliver some amazing outcomes and solutions.”

In the second of four segments with CDO Mag, Solidatus Chief Data Officer Lorraine Waters continues her conversation with Ben DeBow, CEO & Founder of Fortified Data. Together, they discussed the following key points: 

  • How data lineage is enabling cloud services, with Solidatus’ cataloguing capabilities allowing organisations to safely move data to the cloud
  • Solidatus’ strong collaborative capabilities enables businesses to federate the work that needs to be done as they develop their model and blue print
  • Solidatus makes it simple to give and manage access to crowdsource content
  • Our solution doesn’t need to be managed by a central single CDO team exclusively – colleagues and teams from across a business can be engaged to validate the data in a particular system, for a particular policy or regulation
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