Vietnam’s data privacy decree: the tip of the iceberg

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The only way that complex multi-nationals can ensure their compliance is by keeping up with these continual updates to data privacy rules. In order to prepare for any legislative checks on their compliance, firms need to ensure a flexible and innovative approach to operational data management which can be called on to give a comprehensive picture at any time.”

Solidatus Head of APAC John Berven writes for Regulation Asia, taking a look at the upcoming implementation of PDPA in Vietnam and how organisations need to take a data-first approach to international regulation in order to be prepared.

Businesses that have already implemented measures in preparation for other data privacy regulations such as GDPR and LGPD, will have the advantage of having either met – or in some cases exceeded – the new guidelines in Vietnam.

But achieving this compliance is no small feat, and firms need to ensure their approach to data management is holistic, transparent and flexible. Digital transformation is key in giving a comprehensive view of data privacy.

To find out more, read John’s insights for Regulation Asia “Vietnam’s Data Privacy Decree: the Tip of the Global Compliance Iceberg”:

Vietnam’s Data Privacy Decree: the Tip of the Global Compliance Iceberg