Data Cataloging: define, classify, locate and maximize the value of your data

Data Catalogs allow business and technology users to speak the same language by linking Business Glossaries, Data Dictionaries and Data Lineage models together.
Data catalog HIGH RES

It is clear that knowing what data is flowing through your business is critical to help users find the information they need; to identify sensitive or licensed data, to track critical data elements, and to understand how data is used.

It is common in organizations without data cataloging to spend significant time sourcing the right data for a project – taking weeks to find and get approval to use data. The consequences of missing data can be severe too – no-one wants to tell a regulator that they missed out data from their regulatory report.

Download the whitepaper for:

  • a look at key capabilities required from a data cataloging system
  • how a data catalog should form part of an integrated metadata management platform
  • how glossaries complete the data management picture.

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