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Get EDM Council best practice frameworks as Solidatus models.

EDM Council members can get more value from these models and map the requirements to their organization’s data fabric – for more effective management of your processes, people, data, and technology.  

Cloud data management capability model

A framework that addresses the opportunities and challenges of managing data in the cloud.

Data management capability assessment model

Explains what capabilities are required for a target-state data and analytics management function.

We visually explain these industry standard models that show both technical guidance and best practices in data management to help you:  

  • Increase the effectiveness of DCAM™ and CDMC™ assessments by linking them directly to your organization’s data, people, process, and technology for rapid ROI.
  • Build a picture of your data management capabilities and quickly identify gaps. 
  • Get a better understanding of dependencies and impact analyses so you can determine sequencing. 

Cloud data management - CDMC

Create a clear view of your Cloud data management capabilities across your organization. Map the 14 key controls and automation to your data estate and determine your readiness to migrate and/or operate in the cloud.  

Data management capability assessment model - DCAM

Understand how DCAM has evolved and get enhanced version-to-version traceability. Identify how you can increase your DCAM scores and manage any changes to sustain a mature data management discipline. 

Data & analytics management requirements

Map DCAM and CDMC frameworks to the Data & Analytics Management requirements. Use the score results to identify gaps and drive a roadmap for achieving best practices. 

Regulatory management

Show the relationships and the dependencies between DCAM, CDMC, GDPR, BCBS 239 and other regulations and business process models. See complex business and data relationships to inform decisions and report back to regulators.  

Powerful visualization

Create a digital blueprint of your organizations data ecosystem by building in layers of process, people, data, and technology to deliver an accelerated and complete picture of your data management capabilities and value chain. 

Version control

Break free from the limitations of rows and columns. Monitor and control data management capabilities alignment to process, people, data, and technology over time to assess impact of internal and external change.  

Accelerated Models and offers for EDM Council members

EDM Council members have exclusive access to view the pre-built and maintained digital models created by the EDM Council. The models are viewable via SSO from your EDM Connect Account.  

EDM Council members who have a Solidatus License, can map their assessment scores, compare the frameworks and link all available models to their organization’s data estate.   

EDM Council members who don’t have an existing Solidatus license can still benefit via a single user membership privilege. With 80% of the work done – you can take advantage of being able to map your organization’s data estate and capability scores or start creating your own models.

Data privacy

The Global Privacy Thematic Areas directly align with 54 (40%) of the DCAM sub-capabilities and 26 (72%) of the CDMC sub-capabilities. 

Gap analysis - Data & Analytics management requirements, DCAM and CDMC

Map DCAM and CDMC Frameworks to the D&A Management Requirements to show relationships and dependencies between the two frameworks. 

BCBS 239 principles

We help you understand how to align these frameworks to comply with the BCBS 239 Principles. We provide organizational gap analysis against each of the nine BCBS 239 principles that have requirements for data management. See how BCBS 239 directly aligns with 80 (59%) of the DCAM Sub-capabilities and 24 (67%) of the CDMC Sub-capabilities. 

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