Solidatus wins ‘Best ESG Regulatory Solution’

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“ESG is a data sourcing and governance challenge, requiring transparency and clear links to company objectives to drive it successfully. Investing in mapping and understanding data flows – and relating them to ESG priorities – will help companies make a positive impact.” – John Tobin, Data Architect and ESG specialist at Solidatus on the issues surrounding ESG and implementing a successful data strategy.

Because ESG data is dispersed and complex with little to no standardisation, many organisations are struggling to know exactly how to implement ESG initiatives and governance requirements – not only to meet the criteria of potential investors, but to make a positive impact environmentally and socially.  

Solidatus irons out these complexities and provides clarity for businesses to set out their ESG goals, with a clear, linear view of how these important goals will be achieved. This is why we have been recognised by A-Team Insights as the ‘Best ESG Regulatory Solution’ at the RegTech Insight Europe Awards 2021. 

These prestigious awards recognise innovation in highlighting RegTech solutions that have successfully improved firms’ ability to effectively respond to the evolving and ever complex regulatory requirements across the global financial services industry.

RegTech Insight Europe Awards Winners Report

We are elated to have won this award, having taken a huge leap into the world of ESG in order to understand how it works, its benefits and how we can apply our learnings and thought leadership to better serve our clients as they start out on their ESG journey.

The Solidatus solution maps disclosures, ‘standards’ and regulations to the people with responsibility for them, as well as to company priorities and the data required to fulfil them. This presents a unified, end-to-end view, both for setting out how a company will deliver on their ESG aims and tracking progress on filling data gaps.