Supercharging your Snowflake governance with Solidatus

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This week, six members of the Solidatus team – including our CEO and co-founder, Philip Dutton – are at the Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas.

Stationed at Booth 2122-C, they’re reporting growing interest from the gathered masses in how we can supercharge Snowflake’s governance capabilities (PDF) with active metadata management and advanced visualization.

It’s all about increased certainty, which is a little ironic, given that the Summit’s venue is famous for high-risk stakes and gambling.

With such a concentration of interested parties in our immediate vicinity, this is a great time to announce that we’ve enhanced our partnership with the tech giant.

Key new benefits include:

  • Deeper levels of granularity, meaning you can now create dynamic blueprints of Snowflake schemas, whether tables or views, and see column-level dependencies and lineage
  • Capture business insights in real-time by analyzing Snowflake governance rule application to tables, views and columns
  • The facility to automatically map multiple Snowflake instances

Speaking from the Summit, Howard Travers, Head of Technology Alliances at Solidatus, said: “The buzz here is exhilarating. This is because when it comes to data and the cloud, the possibilities with Snowflake are endless. We feel an affinity with Snowflake because we apply the same philosophy to metadata, and I’m so excited to see this important partnership grow in strength.”

For details of the complete package, view our concise brochure on Solidatus and Snowflake (PDF), which also offers free access to a simplified sample model.

On the subjects of technology partnerships and connectors more generally, check out our recent news about our enhanced partnership with Alteryx.

If you’re at the Summit, do pop by our booth to ask how our partnership with Snowflake can bring new levels of visualization, better understanding and greater control over your data. We’ll be there until Thursday.

If you can’t make it along, here’s a preview video of the Snowflake model we’re showcasing:

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