Transform Your Data Management with Solidatus's Advanced Data Lineage Solutions

Gain Unprecedented Visibilty and control Over Your Data Flows for Enhanced Compliance and Efficiency
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Primary features


Rapid Data Lineage Visualization:

Industry-leading tools for quick insights into data flow and impact, ensuring the right data reaches the right people at the right time.

Comprehensive Enterprise View:

Multidimensional data lineage capabilities that encompass all contextual metadata, providing a complete perspective of your enterprise.

High-Speed Operationalization:

Browser-based application for fast data lineage building, with supercharged connectors and open API for up to 90% efficiency gains.

Regulatory Confidence and Risk Management:

Automatic tracking of all data changes, clearly displaying differences over time to satisfy regulators and minimize migration risks.

Collaborative Data Lineage Building:

Federate data lineage to system owners for shared maintenance, democratizing the process and enhancing collaborative knowledge sharing.

Secondary features


Intuitive Software Design:

User-friendly interface with no costly maintenance overhead, designed for quick adoption and ease of use.

Advanced Visualization Techniques:

World-class visualization of data lineage along with technical and business metadata for informed decision-making.

Granular Data Capture:

Ability to capture data lineage at any level of granularity, from system-wide down to deeply-nested fields.

Contextual Connection:

Integration with regulatory models, business rules, glossaries, and enterprise modelling for a thorough understanding of data usage.

Crowdsourced Metadata and Consensus Building:

Tools for developing a data landscape that allows for crowdsourcing metadata and standardizing terminology across systems.



Supercharged Connectivity:

Solidatus s connectors go beyond basic cataloguing, providing deep, real-time system analysis and mapping intricate relationships.

In-Depth Metadata Harvesting:

These powerful tools meticulously track and document metadata changes, enabling precise impact analysis on your interconnected systems.

Automated Technical Lineage Mastery:

Leverage our connectors to parse ETL logic and SQL code, creating dynamic data flow models and visuals, all powered by limitless metadata ingestion and an expansive API/SDK toolkit.

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