Solidatus joins Allen & Overy’s ‘Fuse’

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“We have all now seen the impact technology has on the way lawyers work, and the vital role its use will play in the future of law firms. Technology is no longer a fringe consideration for lawyers.” - Shruti Ajitsaria, Head of Fuse at Allen & Overy. 

Fuse – global law firm Allen & Overy’s collaborative tech innovation hub – was launched in 2017. It was designed to support collaboration between its lawyers, clients and tech companies as an opportunity to work together in developing and implementing change across the digital landscape of law. Since its launch, it has hosted 26 Cohort members and seen over 10,000 external and 10,000 internal visitors. 

Fuse Cohort 5 follows on from last year’s which saw the debut of FinTech companies into the stream. Solidatus is delighted to announce its inclusion this year joining an incredible Cohort of unique organisations that will be developing and piloting their products. 

Solidatus and other members of the Cohort “will have unrivalled access to the expertise of A&O lawyers, technologists and our global client base as they together deliver practical solutions to the challenges faced by companies, financial institutions and law firms today”,  says Head of Fuse, Shruti Ajitsaria.

Solidatus Co-CEO and Co-Founder Philip Dutton comments, “Fuse, Allen & Overy’s collaborative tech innovation hub, is a programme we have watched with keen interest in recent years. After being nominated by our shared client, Citi, for this year’s cohort, we are delighted to have been chosen as a FinTech Resident. Data is growing and evolving exponentially, and we are thrilled by the opportunity to demonstrate the power of Solidatus against the backdrop of the challenging and complex data environment that professional services firms present. No modern organisation should be built or changed without a guiding data blueprint, Solidatus demystifies organisations data interactions and intersections, providing rapid actionable insights.”

Solidatus was nominated to the Cohort by Citi, one of its Global Tier One investment bank clients, which has successfully implemented our solution for several use cases across their enterprise. Our client’s confidence and belief in us and our product is something that is the very life-blood of our business, and we are extremely proud to have such an influential organisation vouch for us.

To find out more about Fuse , visit Allen & Overy’s website:

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