Datactics Partners with Solidatus

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Datactics, an award-winning self-service data quality and matching software vendor and Solidatus, the leading data lineage discovery, visualization and management solution, are today announcing a new technology partnership.

The partnership will see clients able to leverage the combined capabilities of the two firms to visualize and understand data quality throughout the enterprise, without being tied to one single enterprise data governance and quality platform. This provides greater flexibility to firms exploring their data governance strategies, empowering them to make use of ‘best of breed’ technology that aligns with their business operational models.

Additionally, the partnership aligns well with industry definitions of a data fabric, complementing specialist off-the-shelf data software with own-built technology stacks.

Datactics and Solidatus were delighted to both win awards at the Data Management Insight Awards Europe 2022 – a testament to our respective technology teams. Solidatus won ‘Best Data Governance Solution’ and Datactics won ‘Best Data Quality Analysis Tool’. You can read the full winners report here.

Datactics CEO, Stuart Harvey commented,

“By combining Datactics’ Self-Service Data Quality, a platform that identifies broken critical data elements and returns them to a data steward for fixing or automatic correction, and Solidatus’ superior data lineage visualization, the client gains a unique, reliable, and high-quality insight into their data. It will empower them to make better decisions, prioritize and fix key data quality issues, and address the negative impact of poor data quality wherever the data resides or flows throughout the enterprise.”

Solidatus CEO, Phil Dutton said,

“This partnership underlines our vision to revolutionize the data economy. Our commitment to lead market-disrupting innovation and first-class service is something we prioritize in all our partnerships and we’re eagerly looking forward to the opportunities this new relationship will bring, particularly in the fast-growing demand for best-in-class data fabric architecture.”

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About Solidatus

Solidatus is an innovative data management solution that empowers organizations to connect and visualize their data relationships, simplifying how they identify, access, and understand them. With a sustainable data foundation in place, data-rich enterprises can meet regulatory requirements, drive digital transformation, capture business insights, and make better, less risky and more informed data-driven decisions. We provide solutions to several key areas of endeavor, including: governance and regulatory compliance; data risk and controls; business integration; environment, social, governance (ESG); and data sharing. Our clients and investors include top-tier global financial services brands such as Citi and HSBC, healthcare, and retail organizations as well as government institutions.

About Datactics

Datactics offers a self-service, low-code data quality platform for non-technical users by providing AI/ML-driven automation in many data quality processes, especially in data profiling, monitoring and detection, and entity matching. ML augmentation includes auto suggestion of data quality rules based on analysis of the underlying dataset and many different prebuilt algorithms for outlier detection.

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