Talent, Innovation & the Democratisation of Data

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“I’m amazed by some of the innovations our clients come up with – it’s fantastic to see and to work in that really collaborative way…you can solve completely different problems by using the same solution – it’s all about the reuse and the potential.”

In the third of four segments with CDO Mag, Solidatus Chief Data Officer Lorraine Waters chats about all things talent, innovation and collaboration with Ben DeBow, CEO & Founder of Fortified Data. Together, they discussed the following key points:

  • How Solidatus is overcoming the challenge of talent in the data industry by working with universities to bring in interns and giving them exposure to real businesses and business outcomes
  • Why solutions such as Solidatus should be reused – its capabilities don’t just solve a single problem, but multiple issues across different business units and jurisdictions
  • The importance of making data available to people across the organisation – the more people using the data, the better the chance for true innovation
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