The long operational reach of ESG data

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“Data is increasingly the lifeblood of modern business, and understanding its flows throughout an operational structure can be vital from compliance perspectives, and also indicate where efficiencies can be made and systems optimised.”

Solidatus’ Chief Data Officer, Lorraine Waters, recently sat down with the team over at Business Express to discuss the growing influence ESG is having on businesses – both big and small, start-up and scale-up – across all industry verticals.

Investors want to see hard evidence a business is ESG-savvy; consumers want to know the brands they buy from are are ethically and morally sound, and are doing their part to help make a positive change environmentally and socially.

The easy part is knowing that having an ESG strategy is now crucial and needs to be carefully thought through and implemented. The hard part is the implementation. With so many varying and inconsistent standards in ESG driving data gaps, the resolution isn’t clear cut.

That’s where a solution like Solidatus comes into play – “providing a straightforward way to indicate the source and passage of information throughout the company infrastructure from source“.

Check out Lorraine’s article for Business Express: ‘Exploring the long operational reach of ESG data‘ to find out what she as to say about ESG and the lasting impact it will continue to have on businesses:   

Exploring the long operational reach of ESG data